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Rooting can be done by the use of an application like Towelroot apk. If you are a tech junkie, you might have heard of the term “rooting”. Tech lovers like to try out different things, and rooting android devices is one thing we adore. For those hearing about rooting for the first time, here is a brief definition – rooting simply means adding more functionality to your phone or any other device. If you have a rooted phone, you can install incredible Towelroot APK that is not normally supported in a non-rooted phone.

What is Towelroot

Towelroot apk is a brand new rooting tool that has hit the web thanks to the famous smartphone exploiter George Hotz (Geohot). Unlike other rooting techniques that need you to hook your smartphone to your PC, and pray that all goes well, Towelroot works just fine right out of a web browser. Well, you only need to download it from the browser, follow a few steps and you are done. However, we should be clear that Towelroot does not work for all Android devices. It does not work for HTC or Motorola phones. Additionally, you have to be running the KitKat version of Android for the tool to work.


How to Root Any Android Device Using Towelroot

As earlier mentioned, not all devices are compatible with Towelroot apk. However, this does not mean that they cannot be rooted using the tool. Hence, if you get the error message “The App is not compatible with your device” even after installing the latest version, just follow the following procedure:

  • Install Towelroot APK
  • Open the app on your device.
  • If you get the error message “Your device is not compatible with the App”, you will only get the chance to see the Welcome screen.
  • Click on it thrice.
  • Afterward, you will be taken to a white box where you will be required to enter mod strings.
  • Enter these mod strings, one after another-
  • After typing the codes, you will need to verify once and you are ready.
  • Click on “Make it Ra1n”.
  • You will have successfully used Towelroot to root your android device.

Why You Should Root Your Android Phone

When Towelroot APK comes to rooting, the question is always to root or not to root. Rooting your android phone gives you complete control over the entire system of your phone. You can use all blocked tools and features on your device. However, rooting comes with a cost. To speak exactly, rooting access means that you will have nothing to prevent malicious applications from destroying your device. However, rooting gives you the power to do a lot more with your android phone. Let us have a look at the benefits of rooting your devices:

  • Automate Almost Everything: You’ve probably heard of Tasker, an application that automates almost everything on your device. Despite the fact that you don’t need to root your smartphone to use it, you can do a lot more with it after rooting. Tasks like toggling GPS, 3G, changing CPU speed, turning the screen on, and many more need root access. Therefore if you want to get full advantages of an application like Tasker, you will need to root your mobile phone.
  • Boost Your Phone’s Battery Life and Speed: There are many strategies you can implement to boost your phone’s battery life and speed, without rooting. However, with root, you have more power. For instance, with an application like SetCPU, you can underclock your phone for better battery life or overclock it for better performance. Moreover, you can use an application such as Greenify to hibernate apps you are not using – an ideal option for those applications that run in the background when not looking.
  • Block Ads in Any Application: Ads help app developers make money. However, on your side, they use up a lot of data and are quite a nuisance. If you would like to block advertisements in certain applications, rooting is the best way to do so. Ad Away, AdFree, and AdBlock Plus are all great options to stop ads. Obviously, if your device is not rooted, going into aeroplane mode works well too.
  • Tweak Dark Corners of Android: If you are the type of person that likes to tweak around every little feature, rooting your device is for you. Whether you want to give yourself faster scrolling, customize your keyboard layout with Keyboard Manager, add extra themes with something like Pimp My Rom, or improve multitasking, rooting provides you with the power to tweak every feature you can think of.
  • Truly Own Your Device: In the end, rooting your device boils down to one thing – owning your phone and doing anything you please with it. Many manufacturers keep this from happening normally. However, with root access, you own your phone and open yourself to numerous possibilities blocked by carriers and manufacturers. Although there is some risk involved, rooting gives you ultimate control and openness.

How to Root Your Phone Using Towelroot APK

The first step that you need to take to root your device using Towelroot is to download the application:

Towelroot APK Download: Towelroot rooting software is available for Android and it is free of charge. Before downloading Towelroot, you need to allow app installations from unknown sources. To do this, go to Settings >> Security and click on enable installing apps from unknown sources.

Afterwards, check out the latest version of Towelroot and whether it is compatible with your device. As of now, Towelroot APK versions include:

  • Towelroot APK V1

This is the very fast version of Towelroot APK. Despite the fact that it does not support many Android devices, you can still use it to root your device with the help of MOD strings.

  • Towelroot APK V2

This version was released as a patch for the Towelroot V1 APK. Although it has worked incredibly on various phones, it has struggled with devices such as Nexus and LG.

  • Towelroot APK V3

This is the most effective version of Towelroot. It was the final patch meant to support all Android devices. However, due to Operating System updates by different phone manufacturers, the tool is still not compatible with some devices.

  • Towelroot APK V4

When this version was released, there were a lot of complaints received due to the vulnerability it caused. After rooting with this version, it made phones show a blank screen.

  • Towelroot APK V5

Towelroot APK V5 is an update for the Towelroot V3 and is set to be released in late 2017.  This will be available very soon.

Now, go ahead and download the latest version compatible with your phone. Towelroot works hard to ensure that the application you download is not corrupted and is free of any virus. After downloading the app, install it on your phone. When the installation is complete, you should be ready to root your phone.

Precautions to Take Before Rooting

  • Back up your files.
  • Have at least 1GB of free space.
  • Charge your phone to a minimum of 80% beforehand.

Rooting Using Towelroot

Towelroot takes advantage of the vulnerability found in the Linux nucleus used by Android. Through this, you are able to root your device quite easily without having to connect it to your computer. Due to the fact that you don’t have to connect your computer, you don’t have to worry about troubleshooting issues on PC or cable connectivity issues. Just remember to charge your device before using the application. Towelroot is regarded as the best alternative to numerous apps available on the web today. It is ideal for users of Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy S5, and LG G3.

Rooting Android Phone with Towelroot

  • Download Towelroot APK on your Android phone.
  • Install the application and open it.
  • You should see the option “Make it Ra1n”.
  • Click on it and you are done.

If you have a supported device, Towelroot should be able to root it. After the rooting process is complete, your device should restart. However, there is no cause for alarm if it doesn’t as some devices don’t.

Rooting Android Tablet Using Towelroot

The rooting process for an Android tablet is similar to that of an Android phone while using Towelroot as the tool. The problem is that Towelroot does not support a lot of Android tablets.

Devices Supported by Towelroot

Towelroot supports almost all android devices. However, the following are the most commonly rooted devices with Towelroot APK:

  • Nexus 5
  • Galaxy S5 – AT&T & Verizon
  • Galaxy Note 3 – AT&R & Verizon
  • Galaxy S3, S4 active
  • Devices released before June 3rd

Features of Towelroot APK

There is a reason why many people opt to root their devices using Towelroot. Let us have a look at some of its best features:

  • Clean and Simple User Interface: This is probably the most fascinating feature of Towelroot. With this application, you don’t have to deal with unnecessary settings and options. You only need to click the button on the homepage and you are done.
  • One-Click Root: As earlier said, you don’t need a computer to root your device. Just click on the option “Make it Rain” and you will have successfully rooted your device.

Pros of Using Towelroot to Root Your Android Device

  • It is Easy to Use: Towelroot is very easy to use the rooting tool. You only need to visit the main website, download the app, install it, and then tap “Make it ra1n”. If your device is supported, the tool will be able to root it.
  • It is Free: Towelroot is free and you don’t need to pay anything to root your device with this tool.
  • Download Essential Root-Only Applications: After rooting your device with Towelroot, you will get access to hundreds of root-only applications available for Android. Most of these apps improve your device greatly and also your lifestyle. For instance, you can overclock your device, or control your home using an app like Tasker. Additionally, you can block advertisements from their source using a rooted version of an app like AdBlock. Also, you can back up every component of your device using Titanium Backup. The main reason that you should consider rooting your device is to access incredible applications – and there are hundreds of powerful root-only apps out there.
  • Download the Latest Android Versions Before They Hit Your Device: One downside about Android is that they provide you with the option to install Android updates 6 months after they have announced them. This is where iPhone users have an advantage over Android users as the former receive updates instantly on their ios devices. Well, after rooting your Android phone, you can also download Android updates as soon as they are released.
  • If Your Device is Not Compatible, Towelroot will not Brick It: One incredible thing about Towelroot is that even if it does not work, it does not destroy your device. If your phone is not supported, it Towelroot will not cause any harm or foul.

Cons of Using Towelroot to Root Your Device

  • Voids Warranty: If you are inside the warranty period and you root your device, then its warranty will be void. However, if the warranty period has already ended, rooting doesn’t matter.
  • Does Not Work on All Android Devices: Unfortunately, Towelroot does not work on all android devices. Mostly, you will not be able to root your HTC or Motorola phones.
  • Security Risks: Rooting leaves your device vulnerable to security risks. Therefore, Towelroot might leave you exposed to vulnerabilities. Therefore, you should download a management application such as SuperSU to provide you with root permissions only to those applications that require it. Otherwise, any application you use can gain root privileges without your permission – something that poses great security risks.


Rooting is critical for anyone that would like to get the most out of their android device. An application like Towelroot has made the whole rooting process a lot easier than ever before. The tool is easy to use, light, and free. Furthermore, it works on most android devices and works with a click of a button. Therefore, Towelroot apk should be your first option when thinking about rooting your phone. thank you for visiting the website

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