Samsung Bypass Google Verify APK

Most Android users have come across the Factory reset option which is common on most smartphones. There is a similar security feature known as the Factory reset protection which was introduced by Google to make Android phones more secure. For example, when one loses his phone and gets into the hand of another, they may need to reset the factory setting. You will have to restart your mobile phone again then key in your previous Google account and password logins which you had created earlier.

If the user is unaware of the Google account and the password, he or she will not get access to the smartphone. This means that the owners’ identity is protected as well as his phone. In case the user forgets his or her password and cannot access his device, he or she should follow the following guidelines in order to retrieve the lost password.

Samsung Bypass Google Verify APK

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The Process Of Samsung Bypass Google Verify APK Download

Most Android phones have a way of activating their factory settings through the factory reset protection security feature. The following procedure will guide one on how to get their password if forgotten but only if they are using Samsung devices.

  • You will start by downloading the Samsung Bypass Google Verify APK file on your pc.
  • Copy the APK file to your USB or OTG drive.
  • Switch on your Samsung cell phone and complete an initial couple of ventures of the setup wizard
  • Samsung bypasses Google verify cautioning notice will show up on your screen asking for you to enter the past Google account and password.
  • Connect your gadget to the OTG link and file explorer will automatically open on your screen.
  • Using file explorer, open the APK file which you had duplicated.
  • A cautioning notice will pop up in case the ‘Unknown sources’ option is disabled; showing that the establishment has been blocked. To settle this issue,, go to settings and make the unknown sources option enabled.
  • Open the APK file again and install it.
  • After installation, open the app which will redirect you to the ‘settings menu.
  • Find the ‘Back up and reset’ choice and then factory reset your Samsung device.

Is Samsung Bypass APK compatible with all Samsung Devices?

The answer is yes. Samsung Bypass APK is compatible with most of the Samsung devices. This can be proven using any low-end, mid-end or high-end Samsung device and the app should work without any issues on your mobile phone.

Does Samsung Bypass Google Verify APK work on any devices other than Samsung Devices?
Samsung Bypass Google Verify application has been attempted on various Android gadgets and the application is by all accounts chipping away at real gadgets. One is encouraged to use this app in case they are unable to bypass the factory reset protection or do not have a Samsung device.

How long would it take to bypass Factory reset protection (FRP Bypass) with Samsung Bypass APK?

If you follow the above steps I mentioned earlier, then the whole process should not take more than a few minutes. What users need to do is to follow the steps without skipping any step to bypass factory reset protection with Samsung Bypass Google Verify APK.


The factory reset protection is a security mechanism that has been carefully designed to ensure that no person has the ability to factory reset your Android device when lost or stolen. This implies all your data and information is protected notwithstanding when your cell phone is stolen. Most assembling organizations have added this astounding security highlight to their gadgets to ensure their clients’ data and dishearten criminals from resetting your telephone when stolen. Ensure you write down the Google account and the password to avoid forgetting.