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If you want to know what is Then I am so sorry to tell you that your number series is wrong. It is because the address should be Normally people get confused and put in the URL instead of That is because they look quite similar. 

If you want to know more about, read this blog. Here I will describe and why this IP address is used.

The IP address or, whatever you call it, is private. It is used by a client device so that the client can access the network hardware. or is a default gateway which commonly used by a business computer network. Now Home networks like routers mainly use the 192.168.x.x series. But larger networks are mainly assigned with However, a home network can also log in through

If a receiver device’s IP address starts with 10.0.0, that device can log in to the IP address- For example, suppose your IP address is, then your router’s default address is Comcast’s few Cisco brand and Xfinity routers used this IP address as the default gateway.

How to Connect to 

A router brand that uses a gateway allows its users to access the router using this IP address. When you type in the URL tab in your browser, then you will see the page will redirect to the admin page of that router. You can log in, customize all the settings, and even change your wireless server’s name and password. Again, if you ever forget your username and password, you can log in with this Ip address and recover your id and password.

What are the Default Usernames and Passwords?

Every router comes with a pre-built username and password. This username and passwords activate the modem/router to connect to the server properly. On the other hand, this username and password help the customer to log in to the admin panel of the router’s brand using that router. Now, if someone is not using that modem/router but trying to get into a particular brand’s admin panel, they will not be able. Companies particularly follow this process to maintain the security of the users.

Now every router comes with a username and password. Different companies that use as the default gateway follow some of the common username and password. Here is a list of the top most common username and password combinations. You can check if your router’s name is there.

Login IdPassword
recovery recovery

Suppose you cannot log in with your default password and user id. Then reset the router using the small button presented on your device. It will restore the default user id and password. And then, you will be able to login to again.

Issues Related to

It is being reported that users have encountered several issues while logging in to the admin panel of their router using

Can’t Connect Through

The issue is one of the most common problems reported worldwide. The IP address is not available all the time. When we tried to enter the admin panel using this IP address as a URL, it often restricted us. That is most probably because you are not using a private network router. You can use the ping command in the window to identify your router’s IP address. is not responding can be unresponsive due to technical failures. Maybe the host and the sender cannot receive each other’s requests. As a result, is failing to load or does not respond.

Incorrect Client Address

This issue occurs when our service provider accidentally puts the same IP address on two devices. To avoid this conflict, you must be sure there is no other device using in their static IP address. This issue will occur if both devices in the same network use the same IP address.

Incorrect Device Address

If the administrator accidentally enters in the wrong place, then will not respond properly. Now, this address should be entered in the admin console pages (Business routers mostly use configuration files and command line scripts).

Common Questions Asked by People

Why my IP address is

It is probably because your router is assigned to Enterprise computer networks commonly use this private network, but many brands use this IP address for the home network’s router.

What is the difference between and

The only difference is that belongs to the 24-bit block of private IP addresses, and looks like an IP address, but it is not. An extra zero ruined the IP address, and you think it is not working. 


So, if you are unsure if your device is using as its private gateway, you will not be able to access the admin panel using 

Again, make sure you are typing in the admin panel and not typing Because they may seem the same, there is an extra zero that is not letting you use the private IP address.

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