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App NameZapya - File Transfer, Share Apps & Music Playlist
PublisherDewmobile, Inc.
Latest Version6.2.3 (US)
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Compatible With4.0
UpdateApril 17, 2022 (2 years ago)

Transfer files at a faster than faster rate with the Zapya Apk App. Amongst other file sharing apps, Zapya Apk for Android seems to be the best data transferring tool. Zapya Apk works on all devices operating on different OS. With Zapya Apk, it is quite an easy task to send and receive files of different types at a much faster rate.

Zapya is a free-to-use peer-to-peer file sharing application developed especially for mobile devices to transmit different kinds of files and data. Share data from one device with Zapya installed to one another devices with the Zapya app. Earlier USB cables or Bluetooth is the only way to transmit data between devices. But both of them take much longer time to transfer the files of small size. Obviously, larger file transfer is the most tedious process.

In a way to overcome all the disadvantages of wired transmission and Bluetooth transfers, Zapya, a file-sharing app has been introduced. A wireless file transferring tool like Zapya is the better solution to transfer files of larger sizes on the go. You are not restricted to sharing even apps, movies, and more when it comes to the Zapya app. From this article, you will be finding details about Zapya Apk for Android, features of Zapya Apk and a link to download Zapya apk for Android.


Zapya Apk

Zapya Apk for Android is the best file sharing tool that has been used by more than 500 million users worldwide. It is available in multiple languages and is the reason for its popularity. The simple and easy-to-use interface of the Android Zapya app will let you navigate to the different sections of the app comfortably. With just a click you will be able to send and receive any kind of file from your Android device. Zapya app is initially designed in such a way to work with low internet penetration regions to transfer files without using the Internet. Thus Zapya app lets you share files and data without using the internet connection. Free Download Zapya app as it is a cross-platform file sharing application that is available for multiple devices.


Zapya Apk for Android

Zapya Apk is a peer-to-peer file sharing app that is used to send and receive files from Android devices. Without any cables or Bluetooth connection, Zapya transmits files and data. Zapya is the best tool to share any kind of information with other Zapya installed devices. The Zapya Android App lets you send and receives photos, videos, music, documents, apps and more of your mobile data in no time. Choose the files you want to send by tapping on the send button to transfer it another Zapya user.

Zapya app will create a local network and then subsequently transfers the data. Those who receive just need to tap on the receive button, and that’s it. Files will be sent and received in a few seconds without any hassle. It also transfers files of any format and any size across multiple platforms for free. Now taking your mobile content to your PC or sharing it with others can be done without any cables and internet connection. So with zero data and at no cost, Zapya’s latest version transfers all the files. With the Phone Replicate feature of the Zapya app download, you can easily backup and transfer all the files from your old mobile to a new device.

Zapya is the fastest file sharing app on the market is 200 times faster than the standard Bluetooth sharing. It is the best tool to transfer over wireless networks at a faster rate for free and is simple to work with. Zapya not only supports one-on-one file transfer, but it also supports multiple file transfers. Share all the common files of different formats simultaneously to a group of four friends instantly. Download Zapya as it works even for those who are looking to be social and thereby stay in touch with your friends.

Both your social needs and file sharing needs will be satisfied with the Zapya Apk for Android app. Make text chat and share streaming video and audio files offline with your nearby friends for free. You could remotely control the camera of another connected device to view or take photos. Make a pair of phones as a spycam or wireless periscope with the Zapya app. As the Zapya apk app is made available officially, it is easy to download Zapya Apk for Android with a single click. Get into the below section for the Zapya Apk Free Download.

Download Zapya Apk for Android

Download Zapya Apk for Android by clicking on the link given below.

Features of Zapya Apk

The salient features of Zapya Apk Free Download for Android are listed below.

  • Send and receive unlimited files without any cables or Bluetooth connection with the Zapya.
  • It is easy to transmit files and data at the fastest rate of 200 times that of the traditional Bluetooth method of sharing.
  • Without any internet or wifi connection, the Zapya app lets you transfer data files of any format and any size.
  • With the Phone replicate option, you can easily backup and transfer files from your old phone to a new one.
  • Download Zapya for Android to transfer the photo, music, videos, movies, apps, documents, and other files on the go.
  • Transfer multiple files simultaneously to your group of friends of any file format instantly with the Zapya for PC.
  • The personalized QR Codes of Zapya can be scanned on other devices to start transferring or instantly join a group.
  •  Zapya app can be used remotely to control the camera of one another connected device to view and take photos.
  • Apart from sharing files, Zapya can be used to text chat offline and share the streaming audio-video with nearby friends.
  • There is support for multiple platforms, and thus Zapya app transfers files to different devices with Zapya installed.
  • Zapya app is available in multiple languages, and it includes English, Chinese, Italian, and more.