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UpdateApril 14, 2022 (2 years ago)

We can’t deny that WhatsApp has become such an integral part of our lives in such a short period of time. It’s one of those applications on which we can depend entirely. But, because we all want some personalization and unique features now and then, which aren’t available in the original app, there are a slew of customized applications on the market these days. WhatsApp Mix, which is only accessible for Android smartphones, is one of the finest customizable applications.

It is a customized version of the original WhatsApp.It has many features that are superior to the original WhatsApp functions. For example, you can personalize the interfaces, manage whether or not people can see that you are available, and many other things that we will discuss.

WhatsApp Mix APK

What are some great features of whatsapp mix

Hide blue tick

This is one of WhatsApp’s most useful features. Unless you respond to his messages, your close friends with whom you are chatting will not receive Blue Ticks on his chat screen. When we are busy with any sort of task and don’t have enough time to respond to them, this feature comes in handy. Such fantastic features are missing from the original WhatsApp, which is why we propose that you download and utilize WhatsApp online, which is superior to WhatsApp.

See deleted message

If someone deletes the message he has really sent you in the usual version, you will be unable to view it. Anti-Delete features on WhatsApp mix, on the other hand, let you to study messages even after he has deleted them.

Block unwanted calls

It does exactly what the name suggests. By going to their account, you may block any of your incoming unwanted calls. If someone contacts you on WhatsApp after you enable this feature, the call will very probably be declined before it reaches you. Simply simply, you will not be receiving any of his phone calls. Though this feature appears to be useful, it may cause an immediate emergency scenario. As a result, we recommend that you only use this function when someone is bothering you.

Copy messages without date and time

When we copy two or more messages on WhatsApp at the same moment, the date and time are also copied completely. Activate this property to copy two or more messages at the same time without copying the date and time.

Add unique elements on screen

WhatsApp mix gives you complete control over the appearance of your WhatsApp home screen and chat window. Customize the various components on the screen to your heart’s desire. Change the color of the unread counter message shade, the undead message text shade, the tabs history color, the web page title message color, and more.

Schedule messages

With WhatsApp Mix, you can easily schedule messages to be delivered to particular contacts or to all of your phone calls at a specific time. Simply draft the message you want to send, select the time and day, and then confirm your action. It’s as simple as that.

Send files without compression

Similarly, one of the main drawbacks of using WhatsApp is the data compression that happens when sending data. Sending photographs on WhatsApp has always been challenging due to the fact that the images we share are not always of the same excellent quality. This is particularly common with video and picture data, when quality is visibly lost.

Disable forwarded tag

It includes a fantastic feature that allows you to remove the ‘forwarded’ tag. When you used to forward a message, a photo, or a video to a friend on the previous version, the term forwarded appeared on top of it. It can be irritating at times, but the latest WhatsApp mix APK version gives you the option to remove the forward tag, allowing you to pass messages without them being marked as forwarded.

Organize messages

With WhatsApp mix you can organize your contacts. You no longer have to worry about forgetting anniversaries or other significant events. Simply add the message and specify the time and date, and it will be sent to the recipient on time.

Share more number of files

WhatsApp is recognized for its flexibility to transfer messages and files, which is one of its most helpful functions! You can transfer a lot of important files over the web without using third-party apps thanks to this application. The only issue is that these applications have limits imposed by the creators. However, you may now share up to 90 pictures at once.

Freeze last seen

You may use WhatsApp without thinking about responding quickly or leaving someone on your last seen list thanks to the frozen last seen function. On the opposite end, this functionality hides your most recent message.

Hide view status

This function makes you invisible by hiding your name from the other person’s status view list. You can still view the status of your contacts, but they can’t see yours.

Theme store

WhatsApp Mix has a built-in theme library. Many interesting themes may be found here. You may customize the look of WhatsApp mix by using these themes. WhatsApp’s layout may be customized. So, say goodbye to WhatsApp’s old drab green colour theme. Every day, get a new appearance with varied themes and colors.

Whatsapp lock

This will be a wonderful tool for you if you want to prevent others from listening in on your private chat. The WhatsApp Mix app may be secured using a pin, a pattern, or a fingerprint. When someone attempts to open it, it will prompt them for a password or pattern. This addresses the problem without the need for any third-party software.

Send messages without saving number

With the WhatsApp mix, you can now send messages to any number. Before sending the message on WhatsApp, you do not need to save the number to your contact list. This is useful when you need to send a brief message to someone. Also handy if you only want to message someone once and don’t need his phone number afterward.


WhatsApp Mix can be installed on both iOS and Android devices. Make use of a few more functionalities not available in the standard WhatsApp app. There are some really cool features in the WhatsApp mix that you won’t want to miss out on.

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