Viewster For Android – APK Download

Viewster App is a global “video on demand” service provider app that has a wide range of movies & TV shows from many countries around the world. Genres include on it: Action, Adventure, Animation, Anime, Bollywood, Classics, Comedy, Crime & Gangsters, Documentary, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Romance, Thrillers & Independent Films. Viewster TV app licensed a collection of more than 12000 titles. The number of titles may differ in countries due to nation specific-contracts with the content owners. The most specific thing about this app, it runs a quarterly online film festival, which is the largest worldwide of its kind. Viewster is available on many smart TVs hence also termed as Viewster Smart Tv app. It is either pre-installed in smart TVs or available in the particular App Store.

Viewster for Android

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How to Download the Viewster app on your device?

Steps to download the Viewster android app

  • i) Go to PlayStore of your android phone.
  • ii) Type Viewster in the search box. Some suggestions will pop up below the search box related to your search. Tap one of the suggestions to reach directly.
  • iii) Press enter.
  • iv) Results will appear on the screen.
  • v) Tapping the three dots on the right side of the result will provide an option to install the app right away.
  • vi) Click on install, accept terms & conditions the software needs to run, downloading will start on your phone.
  • vii) Once the download and installation get complete, the Open button appears on the screen.
  • viii) Tap on the button in the Play Store listing to open your app.
  • ix) App icon appears on your phone Home Screen for future use.

Steps to download Viewster app on iOS device

  • i) Go to the App Store on your iPhone, iPad or iPod.
  • ii) Tap the search box on the top and type Viewster. Some suggestions will pop up below the search box related to your search. Tap one of the suggestions to reach directly.
  • iii) Press enter.
  • iv) Related Results will appear on the screen.
  • v) Tap the app.
  • vi) Tap Get on the right side of the screen, then install the app.
  • vii) Viewster gets downloaded to your device.

Steps to access Viewster TV app and Viewster Smart TV app

To watch online stream movies and series on your TV, connect it to a computer with a broadband connection, or buy a set-top device. Alternatively, If you have a smart TV, tablet, or games console, then in the premium content section you will have viewster. What you need to do:

  • i) Press HOME
  • ii) Select PREMIUM and Press ENTER
  • iii) Select VIEWSTER and press ENTER

How to use Viewster App:

Once you installed viewster on your device, no registration is required to enjoy online movies. Just tap the app icon and start using it. It’s a neat & user-friendly app, so very easy to access. Although you can create an account to define the MPAA rating of the movies that will display on the app.

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Here’s list of things you can do on Viewster:

  • Browse through Movies & TV series: On the viewer homepage, movies & TV shows are organized horizontally that you can click to see the list of videos. You can view details of the videos like the synopsis, rating, and duration. Movies on Viewster have Hotscore that you can view above the player while watching a video. This score produced by combining the views, the date that it was added to the app, and social media shares. This score helps to let you know how good the movie is.
  • Sort the videos as you want: On Viewster videos can be arranged by language: English, German, French or Spanish. You can sort the most popular videos or most recently added ones together.
  • Add a movie to watch later queue: While watching a movie, you get urgent work, don’t worry. You can bookmark the videos and add them to the watch later queue.
  • Share movies & series on social media: You can tell others what you are watching on Viewster. There is a social media sharing button below the video player. So you can share your favorite movies & shows on Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter with friends.
  • Manage your watch History Function: You can save or delete your watch history on Viewster.Like other apps or websites, Viewster is also not perfect. Let’s have a look.

Pros :

  • i) Free available for iOS and Android devices.
  • ii) No registration or external software is required to watch movies, movie trailers and series on it.
  • iii) Celebrity news is also available on this free streaming app.
  • iv) You can browse through the biographic pages of actors here.
  • v) You can cast the content on big screen while the app is turned off


  • i) It serves one-minute advertisements throughout the videos, which is actually disturbing and irritating.
  • ii) Video quality is less than or comparable to the quality of DVD movies.
  • iii) Although movies on it are 100% watchable but they are not high quality and widescreen movies.
  • iv) The video player options on its Viewster are very slim compared to more advanced players offered by similar websites, like Crackle.
  • v) Some of the movies available on Viewster are either incomplete or very short length.