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uTorrent Pro APK
App NameµTorrent® Pro – Torrent App
PublisherRainberry, Inc.
Latest Version6.8.1
CategoryVideo Players & Editors
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Compatible With5.0+
UpdateApril 15, 2022 (2 years ago)

uTorrent pro is a cross-platform program that allows you to download any files through a torrent distribution. You can download the latest version of uTorrent for free from this page, but for now, let’s take a closer look at it.

How does it work?

A torrent network is a collection of special sites that are also called trackers. The main feature of such networks is the ability to exchange files directly, without using a server. So why then do you need those same trackers? The fact is that they store lists of files available for download, nicknames of users who have distribution and other information.

There is a feature in the app settings called Battery Saver which automatically pauses seeding as well as your current torrent downloads when the battery is low. Outside of Pro, power savings can be managed manually by limiting your seeding and downloading to when you have adequate battery life.

When creating a torrent distribution:

  1. Through the uTorrent Pro program, a .torrent file is created, which is laid out for public access.
  2. Next, you need to upload the finished file to the tracker, from where other users can download it.

When we download the files:

  1. The user logs on to the tracker and downloads the distribution via .torrent.
  2. Further, it opens the file on the PC via uTorrent and downloads the necessary data.
uTorrent Pro APK


  • Program setting Consider: the main uTorrent settings that can make using the client more convenient. For clarity, they will all be divided into categories. Attention: We will not talk about all the settings in a row, but only the most important ones that can affect the comfort of using uTorrent.In the “General” section you can find the language of the program, the function of launching uTorrent with Windows, the automatic installation of updates (you can download versions that are in testing), and disabling the sending of statistics.
  • Interface: There are a lot of settings in this section, the program is configured really flexibly.
  • Folders: Here we can specify a temporary directory for storing downloaded files and a destination folder to which they will be moved after the download is completed. If you do not check the boxes and do not touch anything, the program will save the data in the system directories.
  • Compound: Here you can set the port of incoming connections and its other parameters. It will also be possible to configure uTorrent through a proxy server.
  • Speed: This is one of the most important uTorrent Pro settings sections. The fact is that not all users have a good Internet channel. In this case, the program takes all the speed and does not work normally for other applications. It is in the “Speed” menu that you can limit downloading and offload access to the network. The maximum recoil speed is immediately established.
  • BitTorrent: Here the settings of the torrent connection are collected, without special need, we do not recommend touching them.
  • Traffic limit: Some users have a limited amount of traffic, for example, per day or month. And when we exceed the stipulated limit, the cost of each megabyte increases significantly. So, in order not to accidentally exceed this line, you can set the amount of traffic in uTorrent.
  • Priority: The order sets the number of simultaneous downloads, the number of active torrents, the percentage of the speed of distribution and downloads, as well as the priority of processes.
  • Scheduler: The scheduler allows you to customize the operation of uTorrent on different days of the week and by the hour.
  • Remote access: This function, in our opinion, is doubtful. It is unclear why to control uTorrent from another PC or laptop through a browser. Nevertheless, there is such an opportunity.
  • play underloaded files: uTorrent Pro has the ability to play underloaded files. For example, for preview. In order for the content to open, you need a player. You can choose both the built-in player of the program and any third-party product.

Advantages of the uTorrent pro :

  • download protocol is encrypted, which greatly improves security;
  • The application works on any operating system, including a mobile (iOS and Android)
  • convenient and at the same time very functional interface;
  • Scheduled file download and PC shutdown at the end of the download.

uTorrent Pro

A little lower, you can download the latest Russian version of uTorrent Pro for free via a direct link. When the program is downloaded, open the zip archive and extract the .exe file from it. This is the installer you need. The program is suitable for Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 32 or 64 bit.


How to change the download location?

 To change your downloads location, tap on a torrent from the torrent list view, then scroll down to the bottom and tap on Download Location to select the folder you want. When you download new torrents, they will download to this new default location

uTorrent Pro previewing doesn’t work?

! uTorrent tries to download the initial part of the video/audio when you request a preview, however, it may fail or take a long time to start the playback if you have a slow internet connection or those initial pieces are not yet available from the torrent’s peers.


  • 1st user: The best torrent program out there. The settings are perfect. The speed and customizations are essential and this app hits the mark. It grows a little but ever quarter and the features are welcome. The developers leave you a message on review. This prompted me to do a full update of my original short sentence.
  • 2nd user: I Love uTorrent. I’ve been using nothing but uTorrent since it first came out on PC. It was a time when things sucked after using Napster for so long to get my music I loved so much but sadly couldn’t afford it. uTorrent Pro is even better!! I was very surprised at how simple it was and the quickness of downloads was. It by far is my favourite Torrent program. Thank you so much for your guy’s amazing work (a few things could be better) But Overall I think it’s the Best.

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