What to Bring to Disneyland 

1. Battery Pack:-In addition to taking pictures, utilising the Disneyland app for mobile ordering, and checking ride times, you will use your phone a lot when visiting Disneyland.

2.Water Bottle:-Every member of your group should prepare to bring a water bottle into the parks each day of your vacation.

3. Sunscreen:-One of the most crucial items on your Disney packing list is sunscreen!

4. Camera:-If you want to bring a high-end camera, practise using it before you go to the parks so you know how to use it both inside and outside.

5. Cash and/or credit card:-There are numerous ATMs in Disneyland and your hotel, however you frequently pay transaction or credit card fees. If you wish to travel with cash,

6.Travel Documents:-Make sure you have all of your identification, including your driver's licence and state identification, with you so you can access them quickly when travelling.

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