Quinn Ewers' car was towed, according to ESPN.

Week 1's 52-10 victory over Louisiania-Monroe by Texas gave Quinn Ewers' college football career the best possible start.

The rest of his day, though, wasn't as uneventful. The rookie quarterback had a Twitter joke about having his car towed while the team was playing.

Pete Thamel provided the inside scoop on why Ewers' car was impounded during ESPN's College Football Live.

Thamel stated, "I learned that Quinn and his family mixed up their parking passes. He incorrectly applied the pass to his Porsche.

Thamel stated that in exchange for a $200 fine, the family was able to get the automobile back.

Ewers shouldn't suffer too much from the error. He signed a $1.4 million NIL contract with a marketing firm after forgoing his senior year of high school to enrol at Ohio State.

It appears that Ewers and Wrangler are working together once more in NIL. Even though he has a Porsche, he also owns an Aston Martin.