Day 1: The festival of Onam begins with Atham. On this day, a grand possession Athachamayam is led from Vamanamoorthy Thirrikara Temple in Kochi

Day 2: People mark Chithira by cleaning their homes and visiting temples

Day 3: Also known as Chothi, people gear up for the 10 day festivity and visit markets to buy new clothes and jewellery for themselves

Day 4: On Vishakam, family members prepare the grand meal, Sadhya which usually consists of 6 vegetarian dishes

Day 5: On Anizham, the grand snake boat race known as Vallamkali is held

Day 6: On Thriketta or Thriketa, a series of cultural programs are organised

Day 7: With the festivity coming to an end, families prepare smaller version of Sadhya. Besides, famous leopard dance, Puli Kali is also performed

Day 8: Also known as Pooradam, the day marks where small pyramid-shaped clay idols called 'Poorada Uttigal' or 'Ma'  are created and are decorated with flowers

Day 9: This is considered as Onam eve or First Onam. People mark this day, Uthradam to welcome the spirit of great king Mahabali

Day 10: Thiruvonam - The families gather and feast on the Onasadya. Also, they make traditional floor designs with rice flour batter to welcome spirit of Mahabali

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