NASCAR World Reacts To Ryan Blaney's Playoff Decision

Ryan Blaney is the only driver without a victory among the top five scorers in the 2022 NASCAR Cup Series, and as a result, he is still waiting to be automatically qualified for the Cup playoffs

However, he made a significant choice on Sunday before the season's last 10 events.

On Sunday, Blaney made it known that he would be taking part in this year's NASCAR Cup Series playoffs. The Coke Zero Sugar 400's final laps were moved to tomorrow, but he still qualified mathematically.

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Blaney has been consistent throughout the season, placing top-10 11 times and top-five seven times. He trails Kyle Larson and Chase Elliott in points because of his consistent performance throughout the season.

NASCAR supporters are praising Blaney for being admitted legitimately. But despite Blaney's outstanding performance throughout the season

many people are still angry that he had to wait until the season-ending race to qualify.

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