The Batman 2 starring Robert Pattinson has made an exciting advancement

It was just a matter of time until there were discussions about a sequel after The Batman's phenomenal success as a 2022 release.

The continuation of Robert Pattinson's Caped Crusader was announced earlier this year, and "the full team" will be returning.

Those statements were true, as The Batman 2 has advanced in an exciting way as a result of the appointment of the official writing staff for the picture.

Although Mattson Tomlin was not given credit for his work on the DC comics revival this year, he made some significant changes to the screenplay for The Batman.

Reeves will continue to serve in each of those capacities for The Batman 2, with Tomlin receiving an upgrade to co-writer credit.

The first film is attributed to co-writer/director Matt Reeves and writer Peter Craig.

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