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Smart Launcher 3 Premium Apk Download 2020
App NameSmart Launcher 3 - Classic
PublisherSmart Launcher Team
Latest Version3.26.23
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Compatible With4.0
UpdateApril 16, 2022 (2 years ago)

Smart Launcher 3 Premium Apk: If you are bored with your old launcher then download the fantastic and amazing application. With pro version has Exclusive features and advanced features. Up to 9 screens where you can place your widgets give you access to the most used action directly on the main screen. and up to 9 pages in which you can place your widgets. more than 20 new customizable categories.

The lightweight launcher can help you to Speed up your device and makes your Android more intuitive and well organized.

It keeps things simple while still allowing extensive customization the great look feel and response are fantastic. also has great features category named ‘ALL APPS’.  With that, you can sort apps and see all newly installed in one place. List of Android launchers

Smart Launcher 3 Premium Apk

Looks great and works as a great way to change the look of your phone. Different icon sets, customizable Buttons, Actions, Shapes, 3D effects, etc. So much you can do with it. Even has a customizable lock screen that you can set up if wanted.

You even can have on-screen icon notifications so you don’t miss SMS & emails, even any missed calls. Quick and easy to access apps with the greatest of simplicity. Very battery-friendly. Uses very little real estate to boot. The developer is always improving and refining the launcher.

Download Smart Launcher 3 Premium Apk

Smart Launcher 3 Premium Apk

Also, download


  • Double-tap:-single tap to start and app and double-tap to start a secondary action
  • Popup widget: active your widgets by double-tapping a bubble
  • Lockscreen:-change your locks even with one that fits your needs
  • Notification-badges will notify you of new events
  • Search by index-find the app you need, quickly
  • smart launcher runs everywhere -we optimized al for all screen resolutions. From
  • smartphones to tablets and even google tv
  • customizable-tons of thems to customize your home screen

The home screen is still very useful. icon pack has almost all the icons you could want and they look great on a dark background. Retro LCD theme is also lots of fun and has the 2nd best icon pack. You can mix icons from other themes, as well as the clock style. Auto-categorization of apps is a top feature for everyone. 

Users, what think about Smart Launcher 3 Premium Apk?

  • I love Love, LOVE SMART, LAUNCHER. It’s my one and only launcher because I believe that within simplicity, there is both beauty and intelligence. There are hundreds, probably even thousands of free and premium launchers for Android – many of them almost entirely the same. In fact, I’ve seen so many that are completely carbon copies of each other; but none come close to matching the straightforward functionality of SMART. If you’re tired of using launchers that have many clones of themselves and want something truly unique, you have to use SMART. I am giving it a 5-Star rating because it absolutely deserves a 6. That stated, there seems to be a minor bug with the current point release. Whenever I go into the Apps Drawer and click search,
  • I can select the letters, as usual; however, if I try to search for something by typing, the keyboard never raises up anymore. I am POSITIVE this inconvenience will be fixed in a timely manner and urge any new users not to let this bug sway you away from SMART. I’m 100% certain that this glitch will be fixed by the next version. So if you have just downloaded it and discovered this bug, please do not let it dissuade you from continuing to use it. Do not uninstall and stop using it because of this extremely minor – yet agreeably irritated – issue.
  • Once it has been fixed this will once again be perfect for any users like myself. Quite honestly, even with this irritation, SMART is still my absolute go-to launcher and I would NEVER stop using it despite this bug. These guys and gals behind SMART have made such a great launcher you should absolutely use it if you want something powerful, yet beautifully simple launcher. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐/⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5-stars out of 5 with this issue. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐/⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 6-stars out of 5 before this issue began and will remain once it has been fixed. I sincerely hope this review helps others find their way to this absolutely wonderful launcher!


is there any recently updated version of the Smart Launcher 3 available?

yes, the developer just released Smart Launcher 5 for the reasons you mentioned. Your license can be transferred to the new version, just install Smart Launcher 5 from Play Store while keeping SL3 Pro installed.

why It, not a startup?

problem is caused by a bug in your device firmware as you can read here We suggest checking for a firmware update in your device settings.

Smart launcher Pro just stopped working?

The developer worked on this in the last 24 hours and we found the problem was caused by an update of Google Play Services (9.6.80). Fortunately, we managed to find a workaround, and a new update is already rolling out to fix the problem

Is this app collect data From users?

they transmit to their server only data that are necessary to let Smart Launcher work. You can read more in our Privacy Policy or you can contact to [email protected] get more info or ask a refund.

why showing a blue screen with the message “an error has occurred”?

Probably there was an error with the migration of the settings from the Free version. Try to install SL Pro, then select “fresh installation” this should solve the problem

Can you not hide screen icons?

In the drawer, long-press on an app, then select “menu” → “hide” to hide an app, or “menu” → “edit icon” to change its icon. About widget try to enlarge your widget screen grid “widget support” → “grid size” or try to uninstall then reinstall SL


I hope you have already downloaded Smart Launcher 3 Premium Apk Amazing and unique. This is one of the best home launchers available. It is very unique and interesting. It gives a completely new look and user interface to the device. If you have any question about this application then must comment in the below I will answer as soon as possible.thank you for visiting our website.

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