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Compatible With4.0
UpdateAugust 7, 2022 (2 years ago)

Showbox is a video content app that helps users to watch movies, shows and many more things in one place. This is also known as a famous online streaming app. It was initially compatible only with Android devices. However, Currently, the app can be installed on iOS and Windows operating systems as well. The app provides access to recent movies and television shows and many more series. In addition, it maintains a comprehensive library, which contains thousands of movies and television shows.

HD quality content is offered through the app and people who want to install Showbox Official Apk don’t need to worry about the quality. Therefore, it can be considered as one of the best solutions available for people to get their entertainment needs catered. All video content offered by Showbox official is delivered for free. Therefore, people who download this app will not be asked to make any payment or obtain a subscription. There are no in-app purchases. Therefore, any person who gets this app would not be bored. Plenty of quality content is offered by Showbox apk Android for them to enjoy. save movies locally to see various details even if you don’t have internet.

Showbox Mod Apk Download

Download Showbox official app for Android, also Showbox ios and For Windows computer. Here we have provided detailed descriptions about this app, you can know everything.

Main Features of Showbox Official Apk

High quality content

The best quality video content is offered by Showbox to the users. It is possible for the users to find the most recently released TV shows and movies with the assistance of this app. In addition, it offers popular and trending video content as well. It would cater to the video entertainment needs of any person.

Download content

showbox doesn’t offer just video streaming services. People can also download content into their devices with the assistance of this app. As a result, the movie app users would be provided with the ability to download content and view them later whenever they have time. Downloads offered by Show box app are super-fast and users will not be asked to wait for a long time period. There’s nothing to complain about the video buffering speed as well.

Bookmark videos

The content that users come across in Showbox movie app can be bookmarked so that they can be viewed later. A bookmark to any video can be added with just a single tap. It is also possible for users to bookmark an entire series. Therefore, users are provided with the ability to keep track of what they want to watch. Bookmarked video content can easily be accessed any time through Show box online app.

Ability to stream in different resolutions

All the video content offered by This app can be streamed in different resolutions. The video resolution ranges from 360p to 1080p. If a user is connected to a slower internet network, 360p video resolution would be the best option available to select. But when the users are connected to a super speed network and concerned about the quality of content, they can move ahead with 1080p resolution and get the most offered by this app.

User friendly interface

People who download Showbox online app would never get confused. After getting the Showbox APK for the very first time, it would be possible for the users to get familiarized with content within a short period of time. All the menus offered by this app are self-explanatory. All options available in this app to access different features are clearly recognizable as well.

Regular content updates

Content offered to the users of Showbox movie app is being updated on a regular basis. Therefore, people will be able to gain access to the latest movies and television shows as well. It would only take a couple of hours after a new movie or a television series gets released for it to be updated on Showbox.

Quick storage

Quick storage facilities are also being provided for the people who use Showbox app. If a specific user wants to take a look at the movies that were released during a given year, Showbox movie app provides ability for it. In addition, users will also be able to filter out content based on a specific genre. Therefore, any person using Showbox app will not find it as a difficult task to gain access to new and updated content within the shortest possible time.

Personalized library

A personalized library is offered to all the people who use Showbox app. This can be accessed through the “My Library” feature the app. Bookmarked content would be populated within the My Library and they can easily be accessed from there. In addition, users of Showbox online app are provided with the ability to create their own wish lists as per the preferences…

How to install the Showbox apk?

Showbox for android installation procedure is not complex it’s really easy and people can download from here. In fact, this app can be installed on the device instantly. The following steps you have to follow to install Show box APK.

  • It can be easily downloaded from this website.
  • After clicking on Showbox download But then you will redirect to another page and then you can easily download this app from there.
  • And wait for some time until the download not finished.
  • Then the APK file would be stored in the phone memory.
  • If you downloaded Showbox APK to your computer, Then you will have to copy it into the Android phone to kick off the installation process.
  • To begin the installation, you should go to Settings and tap on Security on your device. Then you should allow your device to install applications from unknown sources.
  • Next, you should go to the file location and tap on the Showbox APK.
  • After you tap on Showbox APK, you will be prompted to allow permission. Then you should select the Next button and agree to the terms and conditions.
  • As soon as selecting Next, you will be asked to install it. You should then select the Install option and this APK would be installed automatically on your device.
  • Upon completing the installation, it would be possible for you to see a new icon. This icon can be used to open this application and get access to unlimited media content for free.
  • While opening the app for the very first time, it would take a while to load related data.
  • When data is loaded, you will be able to see a lot of information related to television shows and movies on your app interface. It would be possible to access the displayed content immediately.

Showbox Overview

Showbox free movies app is extremely easy to use. Here is a quick overview of the steps that need to be followed in order to use this app.

  • Upon downloading the Showbox app, you can open it.
  • In the home interface, you will be able to see the features of movies and TV shows. If not, it is possible for the users to browse TV shows or movies via the categories or search bar.
  • When a preferred movie or a TV show is discovered, the users can simply go ahead and tap on it to start streaming. An option can be found to download the content into the device as well. In addition, there is a feature to add video streaming content into the Wish List.
  • The movies or TV shows that were added to the wish list can easily be accessed from the personalized library.

These are all the steps that a person should follow to use the Show box. It is extremely user-friendly and a person using this app would never get confused with it.

What to do If Showbox not working?

use vpn and Remove old version

  • Download any of the VPNs (you can try any VPN services like Opera VPN which is available on the Google Play Store).
  • Then, Clear the data and cache from the android setting then try again to open this app if still showbox not working then Remove Showbox’s old version and try to reinstall the updated version of the Showbox apk.
  • Directly update the older version which may fix all the errors.
  • Reset App Preferences.
  • Another solution work sometimes uses an older version of the Showbox app to help to eliminate any compatible issues.

How do fix Common Bugs in the Showbox app?

  • Follow the below steps.
  • Go to Settings on your Android device.
  • Open Apps or Application manager.
  • Check for All Apps.
  • Knock on the menu icon.
  • Then click on Reset App Preferences.

How to fix Showbox official app Video Playback Error?

  • For Android Lollipop version and above users can attempt this sure technique,
  • Go to Setting>About phone.
  • Click 7 times on the Build version to unlock the designers’ option in settings.
  • Scroll down in designers’ options until you see an entry under media called Use Awesome Player and enable it.
  • If it is already enabled then disable it.
  • Now reboot your device to check for the fix.

What’s new?

Inside the application, there has a great feature called “subtitle”. when you are watching the movies you can see subtitles. Not only that download the subtitles along with the movie. But all this can be availed of by registering for a Subtitles account and then picking subtitles from the list of options within the title you are viewing. Showbox Official Apk for android is free from the time of its release on January 8, 2017. Showbox free movies app simply needs a good internet connection and you can download it easily. But, the Showbox app is not available in Google Play Store however, it can be downloaded from this trusted site and then open it using your desired File manager and install by clicking on the file name.

Final Verdict

Showbox APK is a free app. Now it has a user-friendly interface and this application allows you to download and stream movies online, live TV shows as well as music. You can also choose the quality of the movie in the Showbox app. Showbox Official Apk has the Media & Video classification and the designer of this application is Showbox Team. Any person who prefers to watch the latest movies or TV shows can now use the app. the popularity of Showbox’s official Android over other similar applications. All features that are needed by a person to make his life easy are available via this app. Therefore, it is the ultimate app you should get to cater to all your entertainment needs. Know more information form here


I cannot stream videos. Why is it?

When you encounter this problem, the first thing you should do is to see whether you are connected to the internet. You can close the app, make sure that the internet connection is working properly and launch the app again.

What should I do if Showbox APK does not open?

Most of the people who go through this download via Bluestacks come across this option. In such instances, you should download the Showbox app to your device via direct download.

In what resolution can I play content on the Showbox movie app?

Several video resolution options are supported by the Showbox app. It would be possible for you to select a resolution in between 360p and 1080p. It all depends on the connection speed and personal preferences

What should I do if Showbox APK does not open?

Most of the people who go through this download via Bluestacks come across this option. In such instances, you should download the Showbox app to your device via direct download.

Does video content come along with subtitles?

The Showbox online app does not provide any subtitles for the movies or television shows that are being offered through the app. However, there is a possibility for the users to download content via the Showbox app and get the subtitles from another source

Apart from movies and TV shows, what else does Showbox provide?

There is a dedicated section on the Showbox app to feature entertainment-related news. Any person will be able to keep up to date with entertainment news via this section. In addition, a person who goes through this section can easily get a clear understanding of upcoming movies and TV shows

How to fix the freezing issues in Showbox app?

Some people have complained that the app got frozen while they are using it. In such instances, they could not do anything with the app. There is no possibility to exit the app as well. When you encounter such a situation, there’s not much you can do. You just need to hit on your home button, until the phone prompts you with the feature to exits the app. Then you can restart your device and start using the Showbox Android application again. If the problem persists, you are encouraged to reinstall the app.

How to overcome the broken torrent issue in Showbox for android?

When trying to save a TV series or a movie, the users would come across a broken torrent issue at times. If this happens to you, you should try again doing it after some time.

Is it possible to cast a movie using different players?

Yes, the developers of Showbox APK official have provided people with the ability to cast movies from different players.

How to update this app?

If an update is available, users will be provided with automatic notifications. Once you receive a notification, you should double-check to see whether it is a stable update or not. If you figure out that a stable APK update is available, you can go through the above-mentioned Showbox download and install steps again to get the latest update.

Credits for developing Showbox official

With this app, people don’t need to spend their money on expensive cable TV or other subscriptions in order to gain access to the latest movies or TV shows. Showbox’s official movie app offers them for free. The developers of this app have therefore done a perfect job in order to provide the much-needed functionalities to all people in need. They have not yet stopped their efforts and they are engaged in the process of adding new features to the app in order to make it even more interesting.

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