Premium Proxies vs. Any Other Proxies

The simple question is, what is a proxy? 

A proxy server is another computer regarded as a hub from which internet requests are initiated. When you connect via one of these servers, your request is directed by your computer, and the server handles the processing and returns it back to you.

Types of proxies

There are several types of proxies, but in this piece, we will be focusing on datacenter and residential proxies. We will also look at shared, semi-dedicated, and private proxies.

Premium Proxies vs. Any Other Proxies

Residential Proxies

To have a clear understanding of proxies, we need to delve into residential IPs because they’re the basis of these proxies. Any time you’re connected to the internet, you automatically have a residential IP assigned to you. 

Your IP gives you an identity, allowing you to connect to different websites across the internet. For example, if you put a call through to AT&T for their high-speed internet service. You’ll get a modem, and after setup, you can go on the internet with your own IP address.


Datacenter proxies are private proxies which do not have any affiliation with an Internet Service Provider (ISP). They emanate from a secondary corporation and offer you an entirely private IP authentication and also provide a great deal of anonymity. One of the benefits you’ll get using data center proxies is rapid response times.

 However, a part of the downside would have to be that web servers can quickly identify them, and they might get you blocked from accessing their content, as internet traffic will seem not organic.

Shared Proxies

Shared proxies are IP addresses that multiple users leverage at the same time. In terms of comparison, they’re deemed to be inferior to private proxies. However, they come in handy for various tasks online, and they are cheap.

We have to consider semi-dedicated proxies as well when we talk of shared proxies.

You can call a semi-dedicated proxy a shared proxy — but the number of users is quite limited. Only a handful can access the same IP, so expect better speed and performance when you use a semi-dedicated proxy in comparison to a shared proxy.

Private Proxies

Private proxies are also known as dedicated proxies and are used by only one person. As it is not shared, it gives you full control over usage — both when and how you intend to use them.

With private proxies, you’ll get the highest level of anonymity — and they are beneficial for both business and personal use.

Why use Premium Proxies over Low-quality Proxies Providers

Proxies are everywhere! However, their features define their overall quality and performance. So if you genuinely value your business, you’ll want to go for the best proxies out there. Low-quality proxies can impact your business processers. 

The following reasons suffice to go for premium proxies over low-quality proxies out there in the market.

Rapid Response Times with Dedicated IPs

With premium proxies, you’ll get unique IP addresses that are dedicated. To this end, your IP individuality enhances the speed because you’re not sharing your proxy with anybody. That is never the case with low-quality proxies. Their IPs are shared by multiple individuals, impacting negatively on speed and performance.

Maintain Anonymity

You’re guaranteed of 100% anonymity — your IP address is hidden, and you can access geo-restricted sites. They’re not transparent like low-quality proxies. If you want to access a web page using an unknown IP address, it is only safe to do that with premium proxy services. 

Premium Proxies are Stable

 Unlike the low-quality proxies, premium proxies will rarely be shut down or crash on you when you are in the process of using them. You’ll never be disconnected from the internet as the servers are well-maintained by trusted professionals in their expertise area.


You’ll get high reliability and efficiency from premium proxies. You can count on them, as they make your web scraping procedures run smoothly. 

A large pool of IPs

With premium proxies, expect a large pool of IP addresses that you can choose from for your business. If you scrape web data, then these pools of IP addresses will benefit your activity as you can switch from one IP to another, keeping you out of sight of website administrator’s implemented anti-scraping measures.

Excellent Support

You’ll get excellent customer support from a team that is dedicated to supporting your business needs. A 24/7 customer service will be available to resolve any issue you may be struggling with. 

It’s a Wrap

The question “what is a proxy” has been dealt with, but we must understand the importance of proxy in today’s business world. Any stretch of our imagination cannot disregard the role of these tools. Their applications are in their numbers. You’ll be jeopardizing your business if you decide to go for low-quality proxies — and the consequences may be dire. Opt for quality; opt for premium proxies!

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