Download Pokemon X Randomizer 3DS

In this article, we will discuss another Pokemon game with many followers and lovers. Many users consider the game very interesting because of its amazing characterizations.

There are several Pokemon games, and each game has its characteristics and amazing features, which make it different from other kinds of Pokemon games. Download Pokemon 3Ds Randomized is also one of the updated versions of the Pokemon X game.

The users will learn in the article about the game’s amazing features and how it is favorable for them? And what are the amazing characteristics of the game?

Pokemon 3Ds Randomized

Overview of Download Pokemon 3Ds Randomized

It is regarded as one of the best games, which has favorable factors for the users to enjoy the game. This is the Randomized edition of the Pokemon X for especially 3Ds. New animated characters.

The users have to select their favorite Pokemon, and that Pokemon will proceed with their Download Pokemon 3Ds Randomized game.

The randomized feature of the game allows the users to produce new Pokemon that will lead to your game more difficult and risky. While these features also enable the users to customize the moves of the Pokemon.

Another important characteristic of the game is that it allows its users to discover the cities, forests, and many more regions in the game, which have their specialties and tasks.

Download Pokemon X Randomizer 3DS

The Key Features of Download Pokemon 3Ds Randomized

  • Explore New Regions
  • Amusing Graphics
  • Exciting Moves
  • Gym Leaders
  • 50+ Wild Levels
  • Challenging Game
  • The Biker Gangs
  • Popular Cities

The Cool Features of Download Pokemon 3Ds Randomized

Challenging Game

Download Pokemon 3Ds Randomized is evaluated as a challenging game because it allows its users to trace other Pokemon, and they can also trade freak Pokemon.

The users can customize their game by including new features, leading to other challenging tasks.

Sky Battle

In previous versions of Pokemon X and Y, their major battle characteristics were used as Attacking power, speed of the character, and hit the point. While the same elements of battle are removed from the new version named Download Pokemon 3Ds Randomized.

The new feature, sky battle, is included in it in which the users are unable to keep a check on the opponent, but your opponents can observe your moves.

This Sky battle makes the game more difficult for the users because it is protesting in the sky, and you are treated like a blind Pokemon who will defeat all the enemies blindly.

Aquacorde Town

This is considered the best area of the game where the main events occur. Aquacorde town is situated on the Aquacorde island. The users train the younger trainer in the city. The mother provides help to the Pokemon against invaders Pokemon.

This is a small city with a huge population having an advanced economic process through shipping. This town is a very popular territory in the game.

Santalune Forests

Another important region is the Santalune, a forest located in the Santalune City at Kalos. There are several trees but one pink tree, while a large tree is situated where many pine trees are located.

There is a Santalune gym inside the forest where the users are asked to capture Pokemon at different regions in the woods. This is regarded as the best place for the hunters.

The Elite Four

The Elite four Pokemon are supposed to be important figures in the game because they provide various training to the Pokemon in leading the competition.

Lumiose City

In the game Download Pokemon 3Ds Randomized, a Lumiose city is presumed to be a beautiful city where a large building, prism tower, and gym for the Pokemon who can take training in this area against invader Pokemon.

Amazing Graphics

The graphics design of the Download Pokemon 3Ds Randomized is recognized as one of the best features that developed the users’ interest in the game. It appeals to the sight of the users for its fantastic graphics, which seem real.

Pokemon Levels

The Pokemon levels of wild Pokemon are increased to 50+ levels. Each class has the same rules but is difficult to encounter.

The Biker Gangs

If the users are interested in the secrets routes, they must join the biker gangs to easily overlook the Pokemon levels.

Pokemon League Trainers

The Pokemon league trainers are another feature where the Download Pokemon 3Ds Randomized users can take training from the expert Pokemon for different types of skills.

How to Play Download Pokemon 3Ds Randomized?

The users will choose the Pokemon in Download Pokemon 3Ds Randomized, and then with the help of their mother, they will fight against the invader Pokemon who will destroy their city if they succeed in their mission.

The users will provide different training for several tasks and provide various options for proceeding with the journey.


Download Pokemon 3Ds Randomized is observed as updated Pokemon X and Y versions.

This includes amazing animated characters, fantastic cities, forests, and gyms. Where the Pokemon will ask for several tasks, and they can also fight a sky battle against enemies.