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Pokemon Following Platinum
App Namepokemon following platinum
PublisherMikelan98 AdAstra/LD3005
Latest Version1.1.1
Compatible Withwindows
UpdateApril 20, 2022 (2 years ago)

In this article, we will discuss the role-playing game, which is considered one of the favorite game genera by the users.

Many users participate in role-playing games to establish their skills and experience something new. In such a game, the users discover a new world with a new force and require new tools.

In the following article, we will also talk about one of the fantastic games, such as Pokemon Following Platinum which has impressive features that include allowing walking, several Pokemon, approved game events, and easily updated game themes.

These amusing features make the game more favorable among the users, and its best development arena makes it different from other role-playing games.

Pokemon Following Platinum

Overview of Pokemon Following Platinum

Pokemon Following Platinum was recently released on 11 September 2021. The platform from where this game was published is known as NDs. This game has version 101 and is available in the English language.

Pokemon Following Platinum is regarded as the best game, based on the Pokemon Platinum Version in which the beloved is walking from the Heart Gold and SoulSilver to Sinnoh.

The users can interact with other Pokemon by walking by side with them. The users have a chance to discover the geographies in the game, and along with it, they can also participate in different game events.

They can also become a part of the mythical Sinnoh, and the setting of the story is crucially unchanged but provides the extra potential to create a new project.

Pokemon Following Platinum

The Key Features of Pokemon Following Platinum

  • Following Pokemon Platinum
  • Amazing Graphics Design
  • 493 Existing Pokemon
  • Approved Game Events
  • Unlocked Framerate
  • Discovery of Geographies

The Epic Features of Pokemon Following Platinum

Numbers of Pokemon

The first Role-playing game that allows you to have 493 existing Pokemon, with the help of which you can perform various game tasks.

Allow Walking

The users in the Pokemon Following Platinum are allowed to walk with their beloved Pokemon throughout the game. No one will interact with you through this act.

Animated Pokemon

The famous Pokemon animated classical spirits from the other vanilla game, including Psyduck, Drifloon, and many more, are used in this game as modern playful Pokémon.

Approved Game Events

In the game Pokemon Following Platinum, various events are included, approved by the developer. The Platinum Following can inherently restore the significant events of the game.

Furthermore, your favorite Pokemon will be present in all the game scenes by giving company to you on the journey.

Updated Game Themes

The game’s themes are considered an essential part of the game; they give a background color to the game. In this game, the users are allowed to update their game themes. The game’s central themes are Sinnoh’s wild battle and trainer battle.

To Unlock Framerate

This is regarded as one of the unique features. The users who want to increase the gameplay speed in Pokemon Following Platinum can easily unlock Framerate without any problem.

If the users are not interested in the increased speed, they can also play a game with an average rate.

Exclusive Adoption of Mechanics

Another remarkable feature of adopting exclusive mechanics in the game is that the users can walk along with the Pokemon.

The Pokemon can walk with you when you are watering berries or can also slide down a sand slope.

Availability of the Game

As the game is newly released, so that is why it is not available on the Google Play Store, but the interested users can download or install the game from the official websites.

The users can simply search for the original site of Pokemon Following Platinum and download its apk file.

To Rediscover Landscape

The game users can quickly rediscover the territory of the game in the company of Pokemon. With discoveries, the users will learn new skills, and recent events will be introduced in the game.

This is one of the incredible features of role-playing games where the users can discover new land and modern tools.

How to Play Pokemon Following Platinum?

The users love to play role-playing games because of the easy method and procedures. Likewise, in other games, Pokemon Following Platinum, the users can walk into the company of the Pokemon from the favorite Heart Gold and SoulSilver to Sinnoh.

The users can also discover the territory of the game and update the game themes by participating in various games events.

The users can also unlock the framerate to increase the game’s speed. The users can use many other characteristics to make the game more interesting.

Pro Tips to Play Pokemon Following Platinum

  • The users should choose the Pokemon among 493 Pokemons.
  • This will give you company all the journey of the game.
  • The users are allowed to discover the new landscapes of the game.
  • They can also enjoy the above features of the game very much.


Pokemon Following Platinum is based on the Pokemon Platinum Version. Users can quickly discover new lands in this role-playing game and update the game themes. They can also adopt the exclusive mechanics of the game.