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PIP Camera Photo Editor

Ever tried adding a photo frame to an image to make it more exciting? But sometimes, rather mostly, the borders and the designing of the frames have random patterns that don’t really add a lot to the actual picture and rather give it a dismal look. Now you must be thinking “we know that what’s new?” Well, PIP Camera Photo Editor is the trendiest and the best PIP camera app best photo editing app.

PIP Camera Photo Editor

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Why Choose PIP Camera Photo Editor ?

PIP Camera Photo Editor has frames that take your image to the next level with unique photo-within-photo effects. The Rich scenery from exotic lands, roadside billboards, etc. is some of the examples of frames that can be wrapped around an image. It doesn’t matter then if you are taking self-shots, app screenshots and photos, PIP Photo Editor is the perfect app with a collection of such picture frames to add extra flair to your image.

The USP of PIP Camera Photo Editor APP –

The USP of this app is its varied image filters. You can easily overlay a photo frame right in the camera view. There is no need for you to open a new tab on your phone to do that and it generates the immediate and attractive end result. Also, you can change the image background or front view of any image or replace the background with a new pic. Exciting Right!

The Library Of Art –

PIP Camera Photo Editor App for smartphones offers already full of options variety of frames and backgrounds can be extended further by using the ‘Library’ section of the app for superimposition over the camera view. Moreover,

  • Fresh templates are added regularly
  • Free Individual Frame Download
  • Complete Effect or Minimalistic Effects –Option to choose from,

Some of the added benefits of PIP Camera Photo Editor app for android phone!

  • Rear & Front Camera Support –PIP Camera Photo Editor supports both rear and front cams. You can also load a picture from the pip camera roll of your device.
  • Repositioning –If the captured image doesn’t end up exactly where you wanted it in the frame, in the editing screen, by simply dragging the part that is inside the frame, you can reposition the image.
  • Image Effects –This PIP Camera Photo Editor app has a lot of image effects. All the effects can be applied to a particular image just simply through a single touch.
  • Easy Sharing –The sharing option of PIP Camera Photo Editor allows you to use the social media platform of your liking like Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, and Instagram etc. through which you can easily share an image with your friends and family.

All these points only lead to one conclusion that the photo editing app is pretty good at what it does. Summarizing the whole app you get – Populated library of PIPs, Exciting editing option, Amazing effects and unrealistically deserved satisfaction! All this makes it a worthy enough piece to at least use one time. What more, its free app which can be downloaded for Android.

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