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App NameNova Launcher Prime
PublisherTeslaCoil Software
Size10.5 MB
Latest Versionv7.0.57
Category Personalization
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Compatible With4.0
UpdateApril 15, 2022 (2 years ago)

If you want Nova Launcher Prime APK Mod download then you are in right place. If you are tired of using the boring default user interface on your android phone then free download Nova Launcher Prime APK because it is the best launcher of 2021. Nova Launcher Prime Apk has more than 10 million downloads and has a good rating on play store. Latest Nova Launcher Prime Apk is specially developed to customize the home screen, change app icons, layouts, animations of your android phone.

Nova Launcher Prime APK MOD 2020

What is Nova Launcher Prime APK MOD

Nova Launcher Prime apk is a launcher that gives you permission to customize your android phone home screen, and changes android app icons, layouts and animations according to your requirements. also has 4.6 ratings on google play store. Nova launcher is free you can easily download this app from the play store. But Nova Launcher Prime Free is paid if you want to download nova launcher prime apk from play store then you have to pay. But you guys do not worry you can Free download the nova launcher pro apk.

How To Download Nova Launcher Prime Apk:

You can download the latest version of Nova launcher prime apk from below download button. You can also get the old versions of Nova Launcher Prime Apk.

How To Install Nova Launcher Prime Apk :

After downloading the nova launcher prime app you can easily install the nova launcher prime apk download with some simple steps.

1. First of all, Uninstall the old version of the nova launcher.
2. Uninstall the old version of the Tesla Unread plugin.
3. Now, Download the free nova launcher primer and Tesla Unread plugin from our links.
4. Install Nova Launcher and the Tesla Unread plugin.
5. After installation of Launch it.
6. Hurrah! Installation Done Enjoy the app.

Nova Launcher Prime Apk Features:

The latest version of Nova Launcher Prime Apk has many cool and awesome features.

1. Gestures:

Nova launcher apk comes with many awesome and great gesture features such as pinch, double-tap, swipe, and many more. You can do a couple of tasks with these gestures like you can launch your favorite apps from the home screen, etc.

One of my personal favorite gestures of Nova Launcher Prime Apk is the double-tap to wake, swipe to open the app drawer, and swipe to access hidden apps.

But there are also many other gestures of nova launcher apk pro are available that I haven’t tried yet. You guys must try other gestures and I share your personal favorite gestures of nova launcher app.

2. Unread Counts:

Unread counts features are one of the best features of the Nova launcher android app you will never miss any unread message or notification. With the help of this feature, you get unread count badges on your phone screen for social media apps like as SMS, Google Hangouts, Facebook, Gmail, and many more.

The TeslaUnread plugin is used to get these features. By using the TeslaUnread plugin you can get many cool add-on features of nova launcher prime apk pro. Tesla unread plugin is necessary to use unread count features.

3. Custom Drawer Groups:

There are many android launchers that give you the option to make your own personal home screen folder. Nova launcher apk is very easy to make groups of similar category application.

But, most of these launchers does not give you an option to group app on the app drawer itself. This is very Nova launcher comes into play.

Now you can also create your own personalized tabs or folders in the app drawer. This will surely help you organize your apps much better.

4. Hide Apps:

There are many apps which you do not want to share with anyone else so you can hide apps by using hide apps feature of nova launcher prime apk. You can Keep a clean app drawer by hiding never used apps.

5. Icon Swipes:

Nova launcher app gives you permission to set custom actions that you can use for swiping on app shortcuts or folders.

6. More Scroll Effects:

You can easily use a scroll effect feature such as Accordion, Wipe and Throw, this feature is very hard to find in the normal android user interface.

7. Nova launcher icon pack:

By using the Icon Pack feature of nova launcher prime app download you can easily customize and personalize your android phone user interface. you can download and install icons packs by using Nova prime launcher apk. There are many famous icon packs in this features.

8. Nova launcher Themes:

There are many awesome themes in nova launcher prime pro apk. You can use your favorite and Best Nova Launcher Themes For Android. These themes are very handy and allow you to customize your Android device according to your requirements. You can give a cool look by using these themes.

Nova Launcher Free Version Features:

1. Icon Themes:

You can easily Find thousands of icon themes for Nova Launcher on Google Play Store.

2. Subgrid Positioning:

By using subgrid positioning features Nova Launcher allows you to snap icons or widgets halfway through the desktop grid cells. You can get much greater control than standard launchers.

3. Color controls:

Color Controls features to use for labels, folders, unread badges, drawer tabs, and backgrounds.

4. Customize App Drawer:

By using this features you can easily create Custom tabs, Vertical or Horizontal scrolling, Custom effects.

5. Improved Widget Drawer:

Widgets grouped by app feature makes it much faster to use for the android app. Improve widget in nova launcher prime apk free download .

6. Infinite scroll:

Infinite scroll allows you to Never far from your favorite page, loop through the desktop or drawer continuously.

7. Backup/Restore:

Awesome backup/restore system allowing you to back up your desktop layout and launcher settings.

8. Scrollable Dock:

you can easily Create multiple docks and scroll between them by using the scrollable dock.

9. Widgets in Dock:

You can easily and quickly Place any widget in your dock, such as a 4×1 music player widget.

10. Import Layout:

You can easily import layout from any launcher. Do not need to create your desktop from scratch, Nova Launcher can easily import from most popular launchers. Including the one that came with your phone.

11. Fast:

The latest version of the Nova launcher prime apk is very fast. Nova Launcher is highly optimized to do it’s work quickly and quietly, keeping the animations smooth and letting you use your phone as fast as you can move your fingers.

Frequently Asked Question:

If I purchase Nova Launcher Prime, is it a one time charge, a monthly charge or how does it work?

If you are using nova launcher prime apk from the email address with which you bought it, then it’s a one time purchase. You can download Nova launcher prime apk on any device using that email.

  • First of all, you have enabled the Labs section within Nova Settings of nova launcher app. To do so, go to Nova Settings and then hold the Volume Down button and a new section called Labs will appear.
  • Second, You must have Android 6.0 or higher version on your Android device.Once you have the Labs section enabled, then you can go to Nova Settings ==> Labs and enable the Allow Weather In Search Bar setting.
  • You have to make sure it’s enabled in Nova Settings ==> Labs.
  • Then you need to disable it in Nova Settings -> Desktop -> Search Bar Style.
  • Finally, you need to disable it in Nova Settings -> Labs.

How can I make the persistent search bar within Nova match the search bar exactly like it is in Pixel Launcher?

The first thing to note is that Pixel Launcher does not use a persistent search bar, it uses a widget instead. If you want your search bar to match that of the Pixel Launcher, then you need to use the Nova Google widget instead of the persistent search bar.
To access this widget, long press and hold on a blank space on the home screen and then click Widgets.

Can you integrate Google Now into Nova Launcher app as Pixel Launcher has?

You have to install the Nova Google Companion App which you can find the latest version here: Nova Google Companion App as well as have at least Nova Launcher 5.3-beta-1 installed. You also need to run Android 6.0 or later and make sure you have the setting for Infinite Scroll disabled.

How to restore the app drawer button?

If you want to restore the app drawer button then you have to press the app drawer button for few seconds and place it on the home screen. After that go to widgets then go to Nova actions and then app drawer. This way, you can add app drawer to your home screen.

How to sort app drawer columns in your desired way?

By default, the app drawers are sorted in alphabetical order.
How do I set a separate wallpaper for my app drawer than the one that’s set for my home screen? At this time you can do this task in nova launcher. I’m trying to change my app drawer icon but it won’t change. How do I fix this? Try disabling Night Mode for the app drawer and then try changing the app drawer icon at that time.

How to hide apps in Nova Launcher?

First, you have to go to Nova settings then you have to go to app and widget drawers. After that, you can hide apps by clicking hide apps button.

How can I make a feature request in Nova Launcher?

 If you want to make feature requests then you can do that by visiting contact support button using nova settings. These contact support requests are not available to the public for various reasons.

How to send the crash report to the support team?

First, go to phone settings then visit the phone. Now become a developer by clicking on the build number for 7 – 10 times. After that go to the previous screen, click on developer options, enable USB debugging, and enable the bug report shortcut too. After you get the crash on your phone, just hold down the power button and press take a bug report. This way you will be able to report the bug to the concerned department.

Do tell if folders, app drawer or anything else can produce a blur effect in Nova Launcher?

There is no option to blur the options in Nova Launcher. Behind this logic, there are certain reasons which are discussed in the nova launcher community.

Can I transfer my purchase of Nova Launcher Prime from one email account to another?

  • Yes. For us to be able to transfer your account, we need a couple of pieces of information from you first. We will need the Google Play Store receipt that was emailed to you when you purchased the app. You can often find that information at Google Wallet if you have that setup. But we will need a copy of that receipt first and foremost.
  • The second thing we will need from you is the exact email address of the new account that you are transferring to. We need this to give you a promo code that you will use in the Google Play Store with the new email address to purchase the app for free.
  • Please use Nova Settings ==> Contact Support to send us all of the information we require above so that we can assist you in transferring your account.

How can I help translate Nova Launcher into various languages?

 You can do any and all translation stuff for Nova Launcher here:Please note that all translations are usually included in the next major release of Nova Launcher assuming everything for that language is complete and correct.

How do I make a feature request?

Simply email us using the Contact Support button within Nova Settings to send us a feature request. All feature requests are kept internally and not visible to the public at this time for various reasons.Please note that just because something has a lot of votes does not guarantee it will eventually be included within Nova Launcher.

I am seeing two of everything on the app shortcuts pop-ups menu. How can I fix this issue?

A simple restart of Nova Launcher from within Nova Settings will fix this issue for you.

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