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KWGT Pro Apk – Kustom Widget Maker Premium 100% Working
App NameKWGT Kustom Widget Pro Key
PublisherKustom Industries
Latest Versionv3.57b106811 APK
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Compatible With4.0
UpdateJuly 26, 2022 (1 year ago)

KWGT Pro Apk: Hello friends how are you. Today in this post is amazing for you.ask me why? because we are sharing the best Kustom widget-maker app name KWGT .when the widgets that come with your apps fall short of your needs and desires you build your own from Android and this is the Kay widget.

where you can build altar widgets layer by layer for customizable widgets. By using KWGT Pro Apk you can build completely from scratch or edit off a premade template. we can start by putting the widget on our home screen once we have our size where we want it we tap to configure you’re automatically given a choice of pre-made built-in widgets to choose from. know more

Download KWGT Kustom Widget Maker MOD APK

You can import a featured widget or build one from scratch after you select a template. If you’re taken into the widget editor here you can change anything in everything about your widget .make the colors on this clock widget another color you could go into each individual layer and change them .but see this globe icon that means also can scroll over to your Global’s which are settings that can be applied to multiple layers or you can change colors once here and it’ll apply to both layers with that color instead of just one you can delete out layers of your widgets that you don’t need and you can add new layers as needed. in addition to various shapes, you can add text modules.

Including text that will Bend and stretch you can add progress bars. you can add pictures such as custom made backgrounds .or you can add components also reusable elements like weather icons media players and search bars which pull from the preinstalled pack.

KWGT Pro Apk the featured tab from the Google Play Store or you can craft your own which is something we’ll leave for another time speaking of the Google Play Store.

because package your own que widgets and components you can publish your own themed widgets and elements to the store for others to use if you see what you like but you’re not keen on rebuilding the whole thing yourself this may be right up your alley there are whole worlds to explore in here but for now, these basics should help you work up the courage to dive into que widget yourself here’s hoping your widgets are wonderful.

Download KWGT Pro Apk

Key features

  • Without ads
  • thousands of FREE widgets
  • Rects, Arcs, Triangles, Exagons
  • Status Bar Notifications
  • PNG / JPG / WEBp Image support
  • Support the dev


  • Hotfix for bad image resizing / blurring 3.43
  • The new app supports Android Dark mode when in the default theme
  • New dark mode support on Android 8.1 or newer via si(dark mode)
  • New wallpaper primary and secondary colour via si() on Android 8.1 or newer
  • New dual SIM support for most of the cell formulas in NC()
  • New si(mcount) returns module count in the current group or parents
  • New check if audio devices are connected and get names via NC() Fixes (see in-app


KWGT Pro Apk
KWGT Pro Apk
KWGT Pro Apk
KWGT Pro Apk

How to download kwgt pro apk?

If you want to download KWGT Pro Apk then I want to tell you to buy from the official site from playstore and pay little charge and use premium features and get support.but mod application has lot of difficulties maybe crash this app any time.

Use mod app at your own risk. You can download mod app from this site and also has some process. You have just followed this and then you can download at free of cost.

  • First, click on download button that I provided at above.
  • then you will be redirected to another page.
  • When you will be redirected to another page then again you can see download button just a single tap on it.
  • Download will be started and wait until fully downloaded
  • after download installs this app and enjoys premium features.

FAQ Of KWGT Kustom Widget Pro APK

The widget stays on for a short time and then blanks out the problem?

This is not a Kustom bug but a device issue. Please ensure that you have whitelisted Kustom from any battery optimization and that you are forcing the notification in the app settings That should work. If not email [email protected] for support or check for more info.

Why unable to open any kind of apps like phone and message etc?

If click actions are not working please ensure that Kustom is whitelisted from any battery optimization and try setting the notification to force in the app settings

How to fix the notification pop up ?

If you have zero widgets notification should not be there (might require a reboot). Anyway you can remove the notification forever following instructions at

Why App is not working with the latest update?

Please ensure that you have whitelisted Kustom from any battery optimization and that you are forcing the notification in the app settings issues are usually caused by system restrictions. 

why Time isn’t updating in widgets?

If seconds are not updating this is normal, please check the FAQ, if minutes are not updating then there must be something preventing Kustom to work on the background (like battery optimizers) please whitelist KWGT from them


we hope you have already downloaded KWGT Pro Apk .; Absolutely incredibly versatile overhaul of the entire look of your phone. Lots of tinkering involved but you can make your whole phone look entirely new and different.

save different configurations so you could set up different looks and swap them over with a simple preset ‘theme’ selection depending on your mood.

But overall this app is a game-changer. If you have any quires then must comment in below .as soon as possible I will replay. thank you for visiting our website

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