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Keepsafe Premium Apk Download V9.47.0[2020]
App NameKeepsafe Photo Vault: Hide Private Photos & Videos
Size17 MB
Latest Version10.10.1
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Compatible With5.0+
UpdateApril 16, 2022 (2 years ago)

Keepsafe Premium Apk: Fear not if your phone is lost, stolen or damaged?  Keepsafe Photo Vault is software that protects photos, videos and documents. you can protect your photos and encrypted them with a secure locker for safe storage. For another layer of protection, you can lock the individual albums.

You can also back up images to private cloud storage with Keepsafe’s Private Photo Vault which can free up phone space. If you are looking for the latest version of Keepsafe Premium Apk, then you have come to the right place.

We will provide the download link here as well as describe to you how to install this file on your Android phone also if you have pc you can also use this application. Keep reading this article. know more about this click here

Keepsafe Premium Apk

Let’s start now we will share how to access this application? If you are newly downloaded then first open the application and allow grand permission to access your gallery photos.

Then next will appear a new screen to create an account. the account creation process is very simple just enter your name and enter your mail id then check your email because you will get a code for email verification.

After verification is completed you can see an amazing screen. You can easily add photos to albums, import photos and take photos. from the setting section, you can change everything 

Download Keepsafe Premium Apk

Keepsafe Premium Apk


  • Never lose photos with a private cloud backup
  • Stay private with pin and fingerprint locks
  • conserve phone storage with space saver
  • Detect intruders with break-in alert
  • get extra security with album lock
  • choose a theme for your photo vault
  • Join millions of who trust keep safe
    lock your most private photos and videos
  • protect your privacy
  • easily import photos
  • save phone storage and backup your photos

How to export images

  • step 1:Select an album
  • step 2:-Tap the checkmark box at the top right, select your desired items
  • step 3:-Tap the share icon at the bottom left and choose ‘Export’.

PLEASE NOTE: By exporting, you will send the picture back to your gallery, to a folder called “public”. It may not be the first item in your gallery as it will return to the period from which the photo was taken.

How do I recover items from Trash?

  • Here’s how you can unlock all your password-protected albums:
  • Go to Settings
  • Select “Album Lock”
  • Choose Unlock all Albums
  • Go to your registered email inbox and retrieve the access code
  • Insert the code in Keepsafe
  • Now your albums will unlock
  • This process will also apply to the albums included in your Fake PIN Gallery. Therefore, the albums in both, your real and fake Keepsafe galleries, will unlock.

What is Space Saver?

Space Saver is Keepsafe Premium Apk that lets you save space on your device for items stored in your Private Cloud. It reduces disk space usage by keeping the original full-resolution image in your Private Cloud and a smaller copy on your device.

When you zoom in on or unhide space-saved images, Keepsafe Premium Apk will quickly download the original full-resolution image as needed.

It’s easy to identify which images are space-saved and which are not. Space saved items have an “S” icon displayed on their thumbnail, or at the top of the screen in the gallery viewer.

To toggle or modify Space Saver settings, you can open the Private Cloud settings and scroll to the bottom. There you can enable/disable Space Saver and see how much space you’re saving.

Additionally, each Album has its own Space Saver settings, which can be accessed by the album settings screen. There you can enable/disable Space saver for that specific album and see how much space you’re saving from that album.

What is the Fake PIN and how do I use it?

  • The Fake PIN allows you to add a secondary Keepsafe Premium Apk gallery to disguise your real one – you can access Fake PIN using a separate PIN number. This is very helpful and keeps your real KeepSafe even more secure if anyone makes you open your KeepSafe and you have no other way out of the situation.
  • This feature is now included as a part of a premium subscription. To activate Fake PIN, please go to settings and choose “Fake PIN”. You’ll be able to manage the Fake PIN settings from there.

I have a new phone

  • All you need to do is sync your pictures and videos to your Private Cloud:
    Make sure that Private Cloud is on within KeepSafe on your old device and that your items have a small checkmark sign at the bottom right corner. This means that they are synced and ready to be downloaded on your new device.
  • Install Keepsafe Premium Apk on your new device and log in with the same email address as on your old device. Go to your Private Cloud settings and make sure that your Private Cloud is enabled.

  • Keep KeepSafe open on your new device with the screen on until you see that all of your pictures are synced.
  • While syncing, please keep in mind the following:
    Items with a checkmark sign at the bottom right are uploaded to your Private Cloud already.
    with a white circle are not synced yet and are only stored on the device.
    Items with a spinning circle are currently being uploaded to your Private Cloud.
  • Please make sure that you have an internet connection. If you are not syncing via a WiFi network, please go to your Private Cloud settings and turn off “WiFi only”.
    Depending on the amount of data stored in your KeepSafe, as well as on the speed of your connection, the upload might take some time and you might need to keep the app open, without locking the screen.
  • Please set your screen to never lock and keep it on for some time in case the items on your old device do not appear to be syncing.
    If your KeepSafe contains more files than your quota, please contact customer support.


we hope you have already downloaded Keepsafe Premium Apk. If you have any questions then must comment in the below section we will replay as soon as possible.

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