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what is iTube?

itube apk is a very handy app to stream videos without the internet. Yes, you can download this great app on your smartphone which will let you watch your favourite videos when you are offline. So do you want to know more about this app and know how to download iTube apk for Android, iOS and PC? Then keep reading this guide until the end

We are all using smartphones for almost every need. Technology has become so advanced that almost every task can be accomplished with our smartphones. Well, not everything can be achieved with your smartphone just yet I’m talking about the usual things like shopping, transferring money, booking hotels and calling a friend from across the country.

Entertainment has a big impact on the smartphone industry, and every phone manufacturer is producing a smartphone to maximize entertainment. This is where apps come into play; there are millions of apps out there that hold the purpose of easing our day to day activity.

There are lots of entertaining apps for Android and iOS devices. Well, entertainment can be of various kinds, so we are talking about youtube. We all know how entertaining youtube is and also how helpful it is for educational purposes too. Well, I won’t talk about youtube and what it is since you already know about it.

iTube Pro

iTube apk

Downloading videos from Youtube has always been a difficult task for the average smartphone user but with iTube apk, Downloading and streaming videos offline has been this easy. Of course, Youtube lets you download some videos for offline, but that has a validity which is not very convenient.

iTube download for Android, iOS and PC

So what we are here to talk about in this article? We are here to talk about iTube which has gained a lot of popularity over the past couple of months. This app lets you watch Youtube videos even when you are offline. That might sound impossible, but with the technology behind iTube now you can watch Youtube videos even when you don’t have internet.

If you are looking for a way to watch videos offline because you don’t always have an internet connection then iTube apk will be a great companion for you. This app is fresh in the market, and if you happen to fall in the need of something like this, then you should definitely give it a try.

This app has lots of great features which will make you nothing but excited. It is a must app for people who have limited cellular data and at the same time wants to stream Youtube videos.

You can also run iTube on your PC, and it works absolutely fine on it. Don’t worry; we also have a guide on how you can run and install iTube in your windows PC later in this article. But let’s talk about iTube apk for Android and iOS first.

iTube for Android and iOS

iTube was first released on the iOS platform, and as it grows its users, the developers decide that the app should be spread over another platform such as Android.

This also Youtube downloader which has great potential to become the best companion for your Youtube streaming life. It offers all the same benefits and features of Youtube, and on top of that, you will get iTube’s own features.

Youtube is a great platform for watching videos of all kinds. It is a massive community where millions of videos are available. Youtube does not let you minimise the app, so if you switch the app, it completely shuts off. This is kind of a bummer for music listeners on youtube. Youtube is a platform where you can get the latest music, and an average smartphone user would want to listen to his favourite songs and at the same time scrolling through his Instagram feeds but that is not happening since now. So with the iTube app, you can listen to your favourite music in the background which makes iTube a great music player also. iTube is a packed feature of fun. It is a video player, video downloader and mp3 player as well.

iTube is a highly rated app with over a million of downloads in iOS. The app provides something which is very useful for almost every consumer.

When it comes to downloading, there are many other websites where you can download videos. You can also watch and download videos from Vimeo, Vidme, Vine, Vuclip and Instagram etc. Although 90% of iTube users are going to use the app for youtube, it is good to know that you get additional sources where you can download videos.

User Interface of iTube:

-iTube has a simple yet dynamic user interface any average person can use this app easily. Just enter the name of the source where you want to watch or download videos, and when you enter the source, the interface will be just as the original source.

All the necessary options like downloads section and settings are all available and easy to navigate. So you should not be worrying about the user interface because it is great. Yeah, you will see some minor ads here and there inside the app.

More Important features of iTube apk

iTube provides great features which are both applicable to Android and iOS users.

  • Optimize the videos from youtube or from the other sources so that you can watch them anytime you want.
  • Download videos in high quality up to 1080p which will definitely enhance your experience.
  • Search for any video you want to watch or download using the search engine.
  • Create playlist to play anytime you want and make bookmarks of videos that you want to download in your smartphone internal storage.
  • Watch the video history to keep up with the usage.
  • Play music videos or any other video in the background so that you can use other apps to get the best out of your device. This feature is missing on youtube, and I don’t think it will have this featureanytime soon.
  • You can directly download your favourite music video as mp3 so that you can listen to it from your other music player right away.
  • iTube is absolutely free of cost, and you don’t have to spend in order to download and install this app on your smartphone.
  • iTube apk app download
  • You can watch youtube videos only when you have a decent internet connection. If you don’t have any connection, then you cannot stream any video from youtube. If we talk about the options, you can like, comment and share videos from your favourite social media sites. It does not certainly have an option to save the video in your phone storage permanently and let you watch videos even when you are offline.

So iTube lets you avail all the freedom to watch youtube videos offline by downloading them in various formats and lets you play videos in the background as well. You can totally use iTube as an alternate for youtube if you are feeling it.

How to download and install iTube apk for android

iTube is not an android app so you won’t find this app in your familiar google play store instead you have followed the alternate method to install itube on your android device. You can download itube apk from third-party sites which are just as secure as downloading any apk file from third-party sites.

iTube is not large in size and needs minimum memory and storage in your android smartphone. It will run smoothly on every Android smartphone including the low-end smartphone as well.

iTube has the latest version called iTube version 3.7.2 which comes with improved stability, and minor changes have been made to enhance your experience.

Download process

  • This is the official website of itube, so it is not even a third-party website so you don’t have to worry about any unwanted files getting into your smartphone. So you will see a red button labelled as “install iTube”, and you have to tap on it simply.
  • Now the apk file will start downloading on your smartphone. It will take few seconds to download completely. It does of course depends on your internet speed that how many seconds, and minutes it will take to download.
  • Now go to settings > Security and make sure that you enable “Unknown Sources”.
  • Now install the apk file, and the app will be available on your android smartphone.
  • The app will ask you for all the app permission if you are using android version 5.0 or above. iTube apk can, however, run on older versions of Android as well, but the older versions won’t ask for any permission.

iTube for iOS

iTube is an iOS-based app, so the app is available on apple app store and iTunes. You don’t have to go to any other website to get iTube for iOS/iPhone/iPad.

iTube is compatible with iOS 7 and above. However the experience of this app may vary with different iOS version also if you are using iPhone X which has 18 by 9 aspect ratio screen, you won’t see that change in the app that is because the app is still operating with the usual 16 by 9 aspect ratio. If you don’t have any problem with having a blank bar on top and bottom of your iPhone X, then itube has nothing else to disappoint you.

Steps to download and install iTube for iOS

  • Open Safari browser or Google Chrome and enter itunes. If you are using your iPhone, then you can simply look for the app in app store.
  • Select the device where you want to install itube and search for itube. In-app store, simple search “iTube” and tap on the search button.
  • Now tap on the “Install” button, and the app will be available on your iPhone.
  • Enjoy downloading and offline streaming your favourite videos on youtube.
  • iTubeapk app for Windows PC windows7, 8, 8.1 and 10
  • iTube is not compatible with windows that is why you will need an emulator for windows which can run free android apps. I recommend you to get bluestack emulator, but if you want another emulator or already using another, then it is totally fine as long as iTube is working on it.
  • Go to this link to download the latest version of Bluestacks. Just enter and click on download button to get bluestack for windows PC. You can also try the beta version which will let you access to the latest features before anyone else does.

Steps to download and install iTube for windows PC

  • You have to download the iTube apk file from this site : Make sure you are using your PC.
  • Download the apk file and make a specific folder for the itube apk file.
  • Now open the apk file of itube and bluestack emulator will open automatically since it is the supported program to open that specific file.
  • The emulator will show the installation process of itube, and after the installation completes, you will see the app in the app drawer of bluestack.
  • Now you can open the app and start downloading videos from youtube for free on your Windows PC.
  • If any problem arises while following these guides, then the issue can be on your device. So make sure that your device is compatible to install iTube and check all the other necessary things like internet connection and available storage etc.

iTube is a very handy tool to watch offline videos on youtube and listen to your favourite music while using other apps. So definitely recommend this app to your friends.

I Hope this guide helped you on how you can install iTube for Android, iOS and PC.

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