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Happy Chick
App NameHappy Chick
PublisherHappy Chick Team
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Latest Version1.7.22
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Compatible With5.0+
UpdateJune 27, 2022 (1 year ago)

Have you ever felt so useless with your smartphones and other IOS in-hand devices to not even able for playing games like Play Station, PPSSPP and as well as CrossFire Games? Have you ever thought about playing those arcades and exciting 90s games on your mobile phones and windows? Have you ever wondered about playing thousands of games without any need of further downloading process? Then, here, you will get all the answers to these questions. We would like to introduce you a new app named “Happy Chick” which is here to solve your problems and give you the ultimate answers.

The happy chick emulator is the only left choice for you to get amazed with the quality of latest games and of course, with no need setup of further downloading.

Happy Chick APK

You may easily get the versions of happy chick apk download to your Android, IOS, and as well as for your Windows PCs. These versions are free and come with a space-saving feature so that your devices will stay space-free and provide you with a better gaming quality.

However, the application isn’t yet available on App Stores now, that’s why you need to go with the third-party installing process into your devices. The Happy Chicks are filled with the latest and advanced features so that users can get fully entertained until the end of the day.

Though the application is developed by the very famous Xiaoji Studio, users will stay calm as because the Happy Chick app is also very much compatible with TV Box, now that means you can even go and enjoy the most of it with playing console games on your TV too, isn’t just wonderful?

Furthermore, you will find more fun and excitement in the games just in case; if your device is stable with more than at least 2GB of RAM, this will provide you with the maximum speed and smooth experience. When you have the maximum capacity of RAM in your mobile phones, then you will be able to enjoy the gaming experience with smoother and more convenient ways.

Also, you can able to play such games include Dragon Ball Z, NBA, Call of Duty, Fifa, GTA FarCry, and many more with the perfect graphics quality and compatibility.

If you want to enjoy the full fulfilment of this app, then go ahead and download the files of your compatible devices from the below section.

What Is Meant By Happy Chick Emulator?

Happy Chick pc is a kind of free application which contains almost thousands of new games and as well as supports 18 consoles and also it further emulates all of them in a single place/application from where users can play their most loving games without any restrictions and subscription charges.

With the help of this one single platform, mobile phone lovers can now able to achieve their playing target and beat the score with their friends online and also capable of recording the whole gaming moment and sharing it with their friends later on.

This advanced feature of sharing and recording will make you accessible to make your gaming time, even more, comfortable, and enjoyable. Thus, mobile phone users are now experiencing a boon to enjoy those 90s games straight with their phones without any need for excess downloading or installing setup.

This simple and one-time application happy chick will give you the extreme happy moments to enjoy every kind of games directly from it, you don’t need to go for external sources to further download the specific game, open the happy chick app in your devices and enjoy the fast experience of games directly online.

Now, get the superior experience of games like FIFA and GTA straight to your devices and never settle for less again…

What Features Are Important In Happy Chick?

So, before the downloading process of happy chick apk , you need to first know about the features of this amazing app by which you can get a better gaming experience. Below are the important features of the happy chick app, which are too good for you to know about.

  • Console Integration: Happy Chick is very successful in a manner to emulates more than 18 consoles on one platform, and as well as it also hosts thousands of exciting and latest games that are all compatible with those consoles. You will never find an application in the market as compared to the happy chick which provides you with more consoles. You can easily download various games from Nintendo, Play Station, GBA, PPSSPP, GBC and much more.
  • Online Multiplayer support: Everyone needs a partner or companion to play games online, and that is the biggest happiness for the happy chick users that they can play games online while connecting with their friends. Happy Chick always is the best and understands its user’s problems, that’s why it allows us to play and further record the game progress with our games and later on, share it through the internet or with a Bluetooth.
  • Private Cloud Server: All the exciting games followed by happy chick pc emulator are hosted at a private cloud server. However, this feature is giving you the security, and it will always make sure to give you the high-speed downloads and as well as give you the secure moments from third-party applications.
  • Large database: The happy chick application developers designed this app to offer the ability and capability to its users to enjoy games without any issue of age. You can also download or play directly from the app to enjoy games like Street Fighter 97, Super Mario Pokemon, and of course, some new and latest games such as GTA and FIFA.
  • One Click Play: We have seen many emulators that only being able to support one console and every time they ask you to install external software as well so that they can integrate another console. But, with the help of this fast-secure application, Happy Chick game emulator that actually supports more than 18 consoles and also offer you to play with just one click system, isn’t what you want in your devices? You simply need to click on the selective game you want to play with whatever gaming console.
  • LAN support: So, this feature is also very important for all the happy chick users by which they can able to play such kind of games include Mario Kart 4 and OffRoad Fury 2 which support playing through local servers with their friends. Meanwhile, the application also supports LAN gaming, that means you can easily and more conveniently play console games with no WIFI connection on the local server.
  • Custom Gamepads: This will let you able to easily connect your game controllers to your devices to start playing differently. 
  • Save and Synchronize: As we know that Happy Chick uses the advanced feature of cloud servers so that the application can easily save game data and other settings. This will help you in a manner to never lose your game data or info; if you accidentally lose it, the synchronize will give you all the data back to you into your account so that you can play from where you stopped.

Download Happy Chick Versions For Your Compatible Devices

Yes, you can easily download the happy chick download ios versions that are compatible with in-hand IOS devices such as iPhone, iPod, and iPad. These versions are all set to free of cost and give the users the fun chilling moments to enjoy the rest of their time while playing different arcades games and as well as those classic 90s ones.

Though, the happy chick tv box also compatible with it, so that you can connect it with your smart tv system to further enjoy games on big screens. We know everyone wants to get the experience of big screens, especially at the moment of playing FIFA or GTA games, and that’s what you can do with this free application.

You need to download happy chick one-time, and then you will be able to enjoy thousands of new games plus the 90s as well and get the experience of using more than 18 consoles. You will surely love to play with this free application as because of the Happy chick apk also available here so that you can download the apk file for your Android devices or Windows.

So, why are you waiting for? Enjoy the gaming experience now directly on your mobile phones without any need of external sources or further downloading.

This application provides you with both access to download each game if you want, or just play directly from the app without any downloading. So, that you can save the space of your devices and your fun will stay continues.

However, the further downloading/installing process is given below according to the devices, so check out the process carefully and let the fun begin.

  • Bluestacks Offline Installer For Windows, Mac

Download Happy Chick For Android Devices

So, as you know that the Happy Chick is a free service for everyone out there. Users don’t need to pay a single penny for this application. You need to download the app from our given below instructions and enjoy the free games right on your Android devices with just one click play system. Here you will get all the instructions to install the happy chick app in your devices include:

  • At first, go with the downloading process of the happy chick apk from HERE.
  • Then, the app will be installed automatically after one-clicking.
  • When your APK file has been installed completely, then follow the second step, but if the file doesn’t install and you get a notification like ‘Installation blocked’ or maybe ‘Unable to install’ error.
  • Then you need to go to your mobile phone settings.
  • Search for this option ‘Allow installations from unknown sources in the settings and tick right the box to enable the third-party installation process.
  • Now, go back and install the APK file again, and set up the happy chick application for playing games.

Download Happy Chick For IOS Devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod)

If you want to get the happy chick download ios on your devices, then you need first to download the IPA file which is given below. However, the Happy Chick is only compatible with your iOS devices, which are running iOS10.0 and higher.

So, it means that you can easily install the happy chick ios 11 in your iPhones, iPods, and as well as iPads. Although this free application can able to run on both devices of Jailbroken and Non-Jail broken, and we will going to mention both steps for you below, so you can download it accordingly. Also, the method of installing happy chick in your IOS devices is the same but slightly different for Jailbroken and Non-Jail broken devices.


So, here you can install the install Happy chick Ios on Jailbroken iPhone, the steps are simple and so easy to proceed it. Just follow up the steps carefully and get the happy chick installed in your device successfully:

  • So, start with the basic downloading process, get your IPA file from HERE.
  • Once the file download completely, opens it to further complete the installation process directly from ss.xiaoji.001.com server.
  • You will get a pop up with the permission, click on “install.”
  • The happy chick app will be installed perfectly in your IOS device.
  • Now, connect the app to your internet and open up its homepage, start playing or downloading the games.
Happy Chick

So, for your non-jailbroken devices, you need to go with the following mention steps. However, as we already mentioned the IPA file above, so you can install it, and probably, you will see this kind of message error ‘Untrusted Enterprise developer.’

And this message means that your devices haven’t installed any trusted certificate in it. Thus, you can easily install the happy chick application trust certificate while going through the settings panel of your iPhone.

  • At first, go the settings of your iPhone and then “Device Management.”
  • You will likely see a certificate in device management, from Xiaoji developers.
  • Then, click on that certificate and further select ‘Trust Guangzhou Ltd..’
  • You will again see a pop-up, click on “trust.”
  • Then, the Happy Chick application will ask your location permission with ‘Allow location access.’
  • It is up to you if you don’t want to allow location then select “don’t allow.”
  • Now, click on the application of ‘Happy Chick’ to begin the app.
  • Right on its homepage, you will see various games from different categories.

Download Happy Chick For PC (Windows)

Why not enjoy the fast and secure services of happy chick in your Windows PCs without any issue or space problems. This one platform of happy chick allows you to get the ultimate fun of different games through just installing Happy Chick on your Windows PC.

However, it is always better to have more storage and RAM in your windows to enjoy the maximum experience of games without any interruption. And of course, when your device has more space, it means you can play any heavy games such as Mortal Kombat, Metal Gear Lord of the Rings, etc. Perfectly.

Happy Chick

Although we know how excited you are to get this app in your Windows PCs, that’s why we will show you all the steps so that you can install Happy Chick easily for the compatible Windows XP/7/8/8.1/10, absolutely free.

  • You need to first download this excel file of the happy chick from HERE.
  • Just go with double-clicking on the downloaded exe file.
  • Then, click on this option “Accept” for terms and conditions.
  • Now, the free happy chick app will be installed perfectly into your Windows PC, and you will see its icon on the desktop as well.

Download Happy Chick For TV Box

Happy chick also supports USB and OTG support, so you can also be able to easily install the App into your smart TV to enjoy the freedom of playing on big screens along with a custom gamepad. However, install Happy Chick on Amazon FireStick, Google ChromeCast, Android TV Xiaomi Mi TV, or any other box running Android OS with free of cost.

  • Download Happy Chick freely for the TV Box from HERE.
  • Visit the settings and then enable this option “third party installations.”
  • Now, open the happy chick app to play exciting games ahead.

Exciting Changes In Every New Version

  • v1.2.9:
  • In this version, you can able to share settings with everyone, one of the most useful features for experiencing multiplayer games.
  • PSP emulator going to upgrade to the v0.9.9.1.
  • Extra useful tips added concerning Gamepad controlling. Get more controls towards custom Gamepads.
  • Now, users can get the rotate screen option as well.
  • Upgrading of ONS emulator.
  • v1.2.8:
  • For multiplayer games, increase the limit of waiting time in joining rooms.
  • Extra Audio and OTG connection added.
  • Get convenient options for backup.
  • WSC, N64, simulators added.
  • v1.2.7:
  • Improved Chinese menus to now visible English menus.
  • Some changes in default keys to the custom Gamepad settings.

How To Get The Activation Codes?

Well, it is true that all the process of installation of a happy chick is automatic. However, it also depends upon your devices, that’s why sometimes happy chick asks for the activation code for the first-time access. You can enter the code by following steps.

Happy Chick
  • Visit the happy chick.hk site and then download the suitable yet compatible file for your device.
  • When the installing process is done, come back to your browser’s homepage.
  • You will automatically notice the activation code over there.
  • So, just copy and code and paste it right on the App homepage.
  • Then click on the option “submit,” and your Happy chick will be opened perfectly after it verifies the device.

Some Important Hacks You Need To Know About Happy Chick

  • In the happy chick, you may see all the games emulated according to their console.
  • All games have been installed in the app under-protected versions.
  • You might not be able to see “cheats” in the app, as no working cheats yet registered now for Happy Chick.
  • The version of Happy Chick v1.2.9 supports both screenings of Horizontal and vertical gaming.
  • You can also change the rotation of the app automatically, go to the settings, and simply turn on this option ‘Automatic Rotation.’
  • In the version of v1.2.7, you may likely be introduced with the changing language feature.
  • If you have the app with lesser versions, try to update it for the latest version (v1.2.9) to change the current language.


So, that’s the basic information you need to know before getting the happy chick app in your devices. This application is a mind-blowing concept for gamers who want to play games on their smartphones or in-hand IOS devices.

You will surely love to play exciting games with their consoles, and the best part is that the app doesn’t require much space in your devices. Play directly and as much as you can without any limitation or restriction.

Happy Chick

However, here, we will show you a summary regarding the happy chick app so that you can explore more without wasting your time:

  • Free of cost
  • No more subscription fees or charges
  • Lots of exciting games
  • One platform filled with thousands of latest games
  • Support over 18 consoles
  • Perfect for multiplayer
  • Online playing capability
  • Recording and sharing feature will make your life easier
  • Different versions for better performance
  • Compatible for Android, IOS, and Windows PCs
  • APK file also available for Android and windows
  • Easy to install
  • One click play system
  • Simple downloading
  • Comes with classic games and 90s as well
  • Enjoy arcade games and FIFA

Thus, this happy chick is the ultimate enjoyment blend for you all who love to play games.