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Geometry Dash
App NameGeometry Dash
PublisherRobTop Games
Latest Version2.111
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Compatible With4.0
UpdateApril 17, 2022 (2 years ago)

Geometry Dash APK ongoing interaction is simple: tap to bounce, or tap and hold to hop over and again. A couple of natural objects such as sparkling disks that make mid-air leaps possible are tossed in with the general mish-mash, yet all the player has to stress over is timing everything. Of course, that is much harder than it sounds. Each level is stuffed with obstacles to maintain a strategic distance from, and contacting whatever isn’t solid ground or one of only a handful of hardly any special intelligent elements means instant demise. Come up short and it has returned to the start of the level.

Succeed and win copious amounts of boasting rights. Plus each time a stage is beaten just because it unlocks another character symbol players can use to customize their sprinter. The trick behind it is that the levels are designed to sync up with the soundtrack: most of the time, you will bounce, float, and sliding in tune with the beat.

Moreover, how you move all through the levels can change at any minute. During a level, you’ll experience entryways that change your game mode or adjust how the level functions. For instance, your square could turn into a mobile robot or spaceship. Alternatively, gravity could be inverted, causing your character to fall up and stroll alongside the roof. Or then again perhaps the screen would flip around and send you soaring towards the left of the screen.

On top of the entirety of this craziness, numerous levels have shrouded coins for you to collect. Regardless of whether you can’t figure out how to get them and evade obstacles at the same time, you’ll win orbs just by progressing through the levels. Orbs are used to unlock new designs and colors for your avatars, while the coins are commonly just there to be collected, and extremely possibly become possibly the most important factor on the off chance that you have a quest that requires you to collect them. There is other money-like items to collect as well, though they tend to just unlock some harder to win avatar designs.

Geometry Dash APK

Personally, I’m not actually sure on the off chance that I’d prescribe this game or not. It’s a neat thought and it’s executed well indeed, but it’s also quite hard and completing levels for the good of their own isn’t sufficiently satisfying to justify the difficulty. Your mileage may change.

Geometry Dash APK Info

Release Date2014
RatingAges 6 and up

Geometry Dash APK Save System

Your advancement is by all accounts recorded on the fly, so you don’t lose much by leaving the game at whatever point you need.
During a level, you can delay by squeezing ESC.

Major Issues

This is a troublesome game, and can without much of a stretch disappoint somebody. Past this, there is consistently the plausibility of something you don’t care for showing up at a level made by another client. On the off chance that this occurs, simply play an alternate level; there are a lot of different levels to attempt.

Loads To Unlock

In most games, the look of your avatar is freely customizable from the beginning, however, you may be required to unlock uncommon ensembles en route. Here, the entirety of the customizations is based around the idea of purchasing the new structures and hues from the in-game store. Try not to stress; this won’t utilize genuine cash. You pay for most things with the circles you gathered as you played. Different things are unlocked by means of explicit activities, however you despite everything select them from the store.

Ceaseless Potential Outcomes

While the game comes with twenty-one levels, these are extremely only a get ready for the genuine show. The main part of the game is found in the online community and the levels different players have made. These levels can run from straightforward impediment courses to totally vivid visual encounters; it’s all in the hands of the individual who made the level.

Customary Difficulties

For more motivator to play the client made levels, there are a few unique difficulties accessible. These incorporate the Daily Challenge level, map packs containing levels with a comparable topic, and different methods for finding new and interesting levels to play. Obviously, on the off chance that you need you can simply utilize the inquiry highlight to discover levels dependent on criteria like their length or trouble rating.

Steam Community

The Steam Workshop isn’t a piece of Geometry Dash, as it has its own support of handle level sharing. Regardless of this, there are some Steam community highlights, for example, a scary number of achievements you could win – somewhere in the range of 120 on the whole. Most of these include finishing the center levels in either typical or practice mode, however, in excess of a couple are earned by gathering enormous quantities of various things.
Ultimately, there’s a lot of Steam exchanging cards accessible for those of you that are interested in gathering them.

Very Difficult

In ordinary mode, the main error is deadly. So as to clear a level, you have to explore through it in one immaculate endeavor. This is a lot harder than it sounds, and harder levels will, in general, be incensing. I’ll be the first to concede that I’m not frightfully gifted at mood games, and a significant number of the levels in the lower trouble levels were sufficient to cause it to feel like my veins would implode when the level finished.

Auto-checkpoints Can Truly Suck

In practice mode, a checkpoint can be brought forth physically or naturally. The last is the default, and it doesn’t appear to be excellent at its specific employment. The thought behind the checkpoints is straightforward: when you commit an error, you restart the level at your last checkpoint as opposed to doing the whole level over. The issue here is that the programmed technique habitually puts checkpoints right when you’re committing those errors. Subsequently, rather than getting another attempt, you’re essentially stuck watching yourself crash on various occasions until either another checkpoint is put or you figure out how to erase the checkpoint. The last is now and then harder than you’d suspect, as it’s just conceivable to erase a checkpoint while your avatar is as yet alive. On the off chance that you’d bitten the dust over and again, the window to clear the checkpoint is very little.

User Content Woes

Any game that features user-created content* is going to suffer from the fact that individuals are included. This game figures out how to avoid a large portion of the ordinary issues, as the music utilized for the levels are given by the curated library on Newgrounds. These tunes are ordinarily instrumentals (ie, they don’t have verses), so there’s infrequently an issue. That is not express it’s difficult to experience verses with swearing or different issues, it’s simply going to be incredibly uncommon. It might likewise be conceivable to experience wrong craftsmanship in the user-created levels, yet I’ve never observed it myself.

Phrasing May Trouble a Few People

Geometry Dash APK has its own rating framework to demonstrate how troublesome a level can be. These evaluations are as per the following: Easy, Normal, Hard, Harder, Insane, and Demon. The last one prompts phrases like “Evil presence levels” or the “Day by day Demon”, the two of which can sound really terrible to a parent’s ears. In any case, it’s the ideal name for the most elevated trouble rating, that’s it, and along these lines nothing to get excessively worked up about.

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