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Freedom APK
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Compatible With4.0
UpdateApril 19, 2022 (2 years ago)

If one of the Android users who have the desire to download In-app purchases freelyFreedom Apk is the best and recommended match. It gives the freedom to stay away from spending money on android games and applications.

Brief Understanding of it’s Features

Primarily Freedom is allowing users to experience the desired applications for free It helps to get upgrade game coins or gems. the game lives in an unlimited manner while allowing to win all the difficult stages of the gameplay. The speciality of the Freedom App is, that you can buy premium things from Google PlayStore without costing a dime by using the app. But to use these features, rooting your android device becomes necessary.

The latest edition of Freedom apk is composed of so many new things. The ability to fix the bugs is one of them. In previous editions, there were some malfunctions related to android marshmallow and lollipop devices. All those have been fixed in the latest edition. The download can be used for most of the latest games and applications today with wider compatibility with almost all Android devices. Other than them, the latest version has some important features. Improvement of stability and speed is the main point. The design of Freedom has also been developed making it more user-friendly. Most other small crashes have also been addressed in this latest Freedom Downloading setup.

Freedom APK

Basic Requirements to Install Freedom

Having an android device is not sufficient to use the app. In order to use it in an optimum manner, the android device should be rooted. You can easily root your device according to the instructions you can get after searching on Google. But also the android device should be 2.3 or above.

Downloading and Installing Freedom APK: How to Guide

There are many websites that give you the Freedom Download Links. Select the most appropriate link from the below suits to your android device and download the setup. Before starting the download process, remember to change the security settings of your android device. There, you can see the option “Unknown sources”. You have to enable it to allow third-party installations to happen.

  1. First, you have to download the latest version of Freedom.apk to your android device.
  2. Go to the folder containing downloads and click on the app icon allowing it to be installed.
  3. Open the downloaded file and then you will get a message asking permission for rooting.
  4. Click on “Allow”
  5. After that, you will get a window including all the installed applications
  6. Select the needed application
  7. Go through the application and tap on buy when you find an object you want, such as game coins, lives, levels etc.

Applications and Games Tested

  • Agent Dash
  • Akinator
  • Alchemy Classic
  • Amazing Alex
  • Angry Birds
  • Autorap
  • Bakery Story
  • Bike Race
  • Beat Hazard
  • Blood Brothers
  • Bouncy Mouse
  • Call of Mania
  • Band Stars
  • Ace of Winds
  • Fruit Ninja

In-app Purchases and You: What Every Android Device User Needs to Know

If you are new to the world of android and you are curious about the applications on the android market, the word “In-app Purchase” may be a complicated or confusing word for you. If so, this article will help you to figure it out all yourself. You may be worried about spending and stressed by technology as there are different stories about the in-app purchase. But if you understand the reality of it, you will be able to effectively manage all the possible problems related to that.

Introduction to “In-app purchases

So what does “In-app Purchases” mean? It simply defines the ability of a smartphone or any mobile device to facilitate the selling of products and services within a particular application similar to a market. Worldwide makers of various applications sell their products at the market. The functionality of In-app purchases varies according to the form of application, methodology, functional features and integration into an interface.

There are many In-app purchases and most of them occur in games. Through that, users have been able to purchase virtual goods need for the games while upgrading their status of the game. If you want to get the optimum use of a particular application, it’s better if you have a good understanding of it. So let’s find out How do In-app Purchases Work?

The mechanism behind

What exactly happens inside In-app purchases? If you are a lover of games and applications, it’s very important to understand how it Work.

Most of the time developers create specific tools and resources to construct an in-app purchasing mechanism. Some are specific to a particular model of smartphone. Some applications are totally free, and some have a particular amount of money to be paid in order to download the application or game. You have to choose the application or game you want and click on “Buy”.

There, a transaction occurs in virtual currency. Most of the time, these transactions are much easier to code than actual money transactions. The only thing you need to do is enter your credit card details into the application to allow card processing arrangements to be built into the application. Whatever application you use for in-app purchases, the eventual transfer of funds is the most special thing. But also security is needed for both actual transactions and in-app fiat transactions.

Most of the latest applications and games on Android PlayStore are available as paid items. You can get them for free by using external installation files. However, to you need to go online for the verification options and whatever you do, you are not able to use it without paying the price. It is not possible all the time. There are lots of people who are eager to get that paid application but are unable to acquire it due to money problems. What can they do in such situations?

Can we get In-app Purchases for Free?

Yes. You can bypass payments of In-app purchases and get it free on android. It is just like a dream come true. Because now you can get any latest paid game or application free without spending even a penny.

There are different applications with the ability to unlock in-app. Those applications give you In-app purchases free android using its inbuilt free card. How it works is, when you click on “Buy” in order to purchase an application or game, normally you need to enter the details of your credit card. But if you have that application to unlock in-app payments, you won’t ask to enter the details of your credit card. But it will automatically enter details of its free card and solve the payment for free. Details of the free card are enough to trick the PlayStore account and unlock the required game or application to issue freely.

When there are two kinds of shops, one with goods at higher prices and the other with free items, what would you choose? Of course the shop with free goods. Similarly, on the internet, there are things called “Unlocked Apk Markets” which give you all the paid applications and games for free in the same original quality.

Unlocking the android market with Freedom

Freedom is one of the best tools you could use in order to trick Google PlayStore. Any purchase for offline games becomes available for you if you have download Freedom apk on your rooted android. But also you’ll be able to upgrade game coins, gems, lives, and anything for free. Just directly Freedom Download, install and enjoy to the maximum.

Freedom Apk with Android Nougat and Marshmallow Devices

What is Freedom Application

Freedom is the best option available today to bypass the android market. It can help you to free download in-app purchases with unlimited amounts of game coins, lives and levels. There are many advanced features of freedom. To experience them, there are some main requirements to have in an android device. The in-built free card is quite handy. It has the ability to work on any popular games such as Temple RunSweet Crush SagaSubway Surfers and more.

The Perquisites

In order to get optimum use of Freedom, you should have a rooted android device and operating system should android 2.3 or above. Previous versions of the application was tested until android lollipop. And the inventors were unsure of the compatibility with marshmallows and other devices.

Tip: Root your Android before use Freedom Application

But the latest version is composed of many improvements preventing many drawbacks from the previous version. The latest is compatible with all the latest android versions including Lollipop, Marshmallow and Nougat.

Downloading Freedom Setup: Android Lollipop,Marshmallow and Nougat

Download freely Freedom apk directly to your device. install it with single step. Launch the application while making it enable. Select the application which you need to use the in-app purchases for free. Wait until few seconds and find a payment option. If a free card appears in the window, then Freedom apk is working. It will download the desired application for free. Freedom App will have the OTA updates in near future allowing the latest update on every installed device. It has made its availability to android 7.0(Nougat) also.

Some of them are:

  • Eye-catching display
  • Standard notification bar
  • Novel icons
  • Multi-functional search option
  • Improved speed
  • Resolved battery draining and heating problems

Now ready to get the maximum gaming experience with Android Lollipop, Nougat and Marshmallow devices. Download the Freedom Setup.

The Freedom Alternatives

Freedom is an application that can be used to unlock android applications and games. It can free download games and applications from in-app purchases. But the working ability of these applications depends on your android device. Sometimes, they may not work on your device. In such cases, you will need the Freedom app alternatives.

Here is 3, Most popular:

  • Creehack
  • GameGuardian
  • Leo PlayCard


Creehack is an unlocking application that has a wide range of compatibility for most games. The latest 1.8 Version of Creehack does not have root requirement. But it can work on both rooted and unrooted devices. Almost all the android devices can work with the Creehack apk. The drawback is, that this application can’t support any online games such as Clash of Clans, Clash of Royals etc. Creehack cannot be found in the Google PlayStore. In order to download it, you have to search the internet or download it from its official web page. Creehack Apk helps to unlock premium features of many android games very easily while supporting unlimited amounts of gems, lives, coins and levels like much more features.

Pros: Creehack not required Rooted Device

Cons: Does not support Online Games


GameGuardian is one of the advanced android game unlocking application. The latest version is v8.20.0 and to use this on your device, it should be at least Android 2.3 or above. The device should be rooted. The application is 4.41MB in size. Also, it can increase the speed of the game-play according to the device. GameGuardian can work on ARM *64, *86 like devices and also *86 emulators.

There is an advanced search tool in GameGuardian with quick auto-update and filtering functions. While including all the basic features of an unlocking application, the latest GameGuardian apk has been able to prevent all the crashes of the gameplay. The advanced settings system, ability to display search results unlimited, game screen viewing without closing the program, and ability to fight most of the protective applications are some unique features of the GameGuardian apk. Therefore GameGuardian is considerably one of the most updated android unlocking applications.

Leo PlayCard

Leo PlayCard is commonly considered as the best alternative to Freedom. It is composed of a wide range of compatibility to work on games like Fool, Pinball etc. The special feature is in Leo PlayCard is the inbuilt free card. This application does not need a rooted device to work on.

Tip: Leo PlayCard not required Rooted Device

The amount of In-app Purchases you could obtain freely using Leo PlayCard Apk is unlimited. It has the ability to bypass different types of payment methods. As it does not need a rooted device, there are large numbers of android devices with the ability to use Leo PlayCard apk. This application was invented according to Freedom and Creehack applications and therefore, Leo PlayCard is compatible with all the applications which Creehack and Freedom Apk works. The only drawback in the previous version was the crashes and the error messages. The latest edition of Leo PlayCard apk is out of crashes and errors.

How to install it?

The installation processes of all three applications are the same. After allowing third-party installations in your android, you can simply download and install the selected application setup. After, you can go to the needed in-app purchase, open its payment options and click on the pay button. Enjoy.

What Can You Unlock with Freedom Apk?

Freedom is an application that enhances the gaming experience. It is composed of a lot of features including free downloading in-app purchases, with all needed game lives, coins etc.. without a limit. Freedom apk is able to trick apps by giving details of a free card when they ask for payment details. That is enabling unlock the target In-app purchase. This latest application is composed of advanced search tools, an increased speed and an improved design to give you the best gameplay.  But there are some main requirements. Freedom is available for you, only if your smart device is at least “Android v2.3 or higher” and also it should be rooted.

Applications Compatible with Freedom App

There are many applications compatible with the Freedom apk. But the way of compatibility is not the same in all those applications. Some of those applications are:

  • Muscle Premium– v3.2.27 of this application works with Freedom apk and it unlocks all the functions of Muscle Premium.
  • Frozen Front – v1.0.3 works well while allowing you to buy all the needed things which can be used in the battle.
  • 1Tap Cleaner – v2.27 works well and Freedom apk can purchase the license need to obtain the full version
  • 1Tap Quick Bar – v1.3 full version can be obtained using Freedom apk but also in-app purchases function also can be used
  • My Country – v3.02.9180 can work very well using Freedom apk with zero crashes, error messages and verification for long purchases.
  • 4Pics 1 Word – Works well with all the functions
  • 50 Sprachen – Works well with 50 languages and you can unlock the audio packages also
  • 8 Ball Pool– Works well up to transaction processing but no successful purchases can be done
  • Ace of Wind 2– Works well using Freedom apk allows buying almost everything.
  • Adventure Bar Story – v1.3 works well and gives you limitless crystals. But there is a chance to occur crashes. In such cases, clear all the data of Freedom apk and launch again
  • All Big Duck Games – the latest games can work. But others can only detect Freedom apk, which does not work.
  • Angry Birds Space – v1.4 works very well as same as all other angry bird versions
  • Battle Bears – v1.4.2 Freedom apk allow getting the app for free, but without allowing to get anything from the store freely.

Apart from those mentioned above, there are a Lot of Games that Can Unlock with Freedom Apk. All you need is to download the application and try it with your desired games

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