Fouad WhatsApp APK Download v8.95

Fouad whatsapp
App NameFouad WhatsApp
PublisherFouad Mokdad
Size40 MB
Latest Version8.95
Compatible With4.0
UpdateApril 14, 2022 (2 years ago)

Fouad WhatsApp is an official WhatsApp APK that has been changed. It contains numerous features that are also found in other WhatsApp modifications, but in certain cases, Fouad WhatsApp outperforms them all. There are several WhatsApp alternatives accessible on the internet right now. All of these modifications are superior to the original app, which has limited functionality. Fouad WhatsApp is a popular software that is extremely easy to use. Its performance is considerably superior to that of other WhatsApp alternatives.

Fouad WhatsApp APK

Some Great Features of Fouad whatsapp

Disable forwarded tag

 It is also a Privacy function of Fouad WhatsApp that removes the Forwarded tag from the forwarded message. You have seen that whenever somebody forwards a post to you on WhatsApp, it gets instantly marked as “forwarded”. By allowing this function in Fouad WhatsApp, you can get rid of the tag as well as your sent post will no longer get the sent tag.

Freeze last seen

It is an awesome personal privacy attribute of Fouad WhatsApp that freezes the last seen icon. By default in WhatsApp, we can see when the person was last available on the internet by opening up the chat. But when the Freeze Last Seen button gets turned on, your last seen status will certainly obtain freeze and other calls will only see that condition, not the current last seen.

Who can call me

If you’re often disturbed by calls on WhatsApp, you should think about using this advanced function. You can control who is allowed to call you with this feature. Everyone has access to your WhatsApp number by default. You can modify it to My contacts, My contacts except, Select contacts, Nobody, and other options with this option. You won’t receive any calls on your Fouad WhatsApp if you set Nobody.

Hide view status

It’s a feature that allows you to check other people’s status updates without letting them know. It’s fascinating, and I use it on my Fouad WhatsApp account.

Recover deleted messages

A useful chat privacy feature that prohibits people from removing a message you’ve sent to them. When someone sends you a WhatsApp message and you delete it right away, it will not be deleted for you. That will be readable to you. That’s a useful privacy option that many Fouad WhatsApp users take advantage of.

View deleted status

It’s yet another WhatsApp status privacy feature that prevents others from removing your status update for you. No one will be able to delete your WhatsApp status for you once it is switched on. Even if they erase their status update, you will still be able to see it.

Whatsapp lock

Fouad WhatsApp has a top-notch security feature that you must enable to keep your WhatsApp conversation safe from prying eyes. It adds a password lock that must be entered before Fouad WhatsApp may be opened. It’s also known as the initial screen lock. It has a lot of customization options, including the ability to establish the password as a pattern or a PIN. You can also set a Recovery Question that will assist you if you forget your password. You can also disable Pattern vibration and make Pattern invisible.

Send high quality images and videos

Without a doubt. Fouad WhatsApp isn’t like the official WhatsApp, which degrades the quality of media files when they’re shared. You may send high-quality photos and movies to your contacts with Fouad whatsapp. With the new update features, you may even transfer 1 GB of data at a time. You may also submit more than ten pictures at once. Send the high-resolution media files. It’s available for free and simple download right now on our website.

New theme store for latest themes

You’ve probably heard of YoThemes packs. You may utilize YoThemes tools in Fouad WhatsApp to add stunning and unique themes to your WhatsApp. All of these themes are also available for free. You should also be aware of sticker packs. You may now add sticker packs and customized sticker packs to Fouad WhatsApp with the latest version. You may also get sticker packs through the Google Play Store. You are free to download as many sticker packs as you like. Make your discussions stand out. So, what are your thoughts? Personal advice: go for it.

Advanced features

Fouad WhatsApp Latest Version includes customizable features that allow you to edit a variety of things such as who may call you, who can message you, and even your contacts’ profile photos and status. Themes, emojis, launcher icons, sticker packs, and other features may all be customized. You may also customize Fouad WhatsApp’s notification icons.

Safe and secure

Fouad WhatsApp is safe and secure. The developer edited the app’s appearance and added new functionality by the official WhatsApp source code. The official WhatsApp server is still used by Fouad Whatsapp APK to send and receive messages, thus your communications are still encrypted.

Call blocker

Fouad WhatsApp has a fantastic function called Call Blocker, which is available to users (Filter). It assists in avoiding unwanted calls from uncommon phone numbers. You may have noticed that we occasionally receive phone calls from unusual numbers on WhatsApp. Another scenario is receiving a bogus phone call while on the job. However, you may limit who can call you on your WhatsApp number on Fouad WhatsApp. This function allows you to select a small group of contacts with whom you wish to make calls and chat.


The Fouad Whatsapp app is an android program produced by third-party developers  and it has been edited by altering the Fouad Whatsapp Apk from an official WhatsApp. This WhatsApp is really quick, and it has more features than the official WhatsApp, such as six times more sections.

This version’s UI is immaculate, and you’ll be able to employ the privacy option and remain anonymous if you use it. That is, you will be able to use this WhatsApp to delete your identity and replace people who were previously on your WhatsApp, as well as use all other features.

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