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CyberFlix TV:-There are a lot of applications (CinemaBox HD APK, Playbox HD, MegaBox HD ,Morpheus TV ) available to watch movies online but Cyberflix TV is one of the best entertainment app for watching your favourite shows or movies. It is the clone copy of Terrarium TV, one of the most entertaining and popular Channels of its time. The features of Cyberflix are pretty similar to the Terrarium TV app. Moreover, the app works completely fine on every device. Know more

CyberFlix TV
Download Size18.4 MB 
PlatformAndroid 4.2
CategoryEntertainment, Streaming  

What does it offer?

Cyberflix TV is a streaming app that provides sources of your favorite shows. There are various movie or series apps available on the internet, but they do not allow us to watch those movies or daily series for free. Again, not every app gives you a thousand choices between new and old.

As we said, it is a streaming app that brings sources from the internet to let you watch movies and web series, and other TV Shows. It offers several collections in various categories. On this platform, you can find romantic movies, comedy movies, suspense stories, reality shows, regular web series, classic movies, and many more. And you can also find shows, series, and movies from other countries.

CyberFlix TV APK

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Features Of Cyberflix TV-

There are various reasons why Cyberflix has become so popular this day. We will be allowed to choose from thousands of options. The developers work 24/7 to update their media centre regularly.

  • Most upgraded Technology- Cyberflix uses the most upgraded technology to provide customers with the best experience. You will not encounter any “loading” or “buffering” during the show. What is more convenient is that the app is very user-friendly.
  • Limitless Options- The app is full of options. You can choose old classic movies or 90’s daily series or stick to new web series and movies. You can watch movies and series from different countries as well.
  • Excellent Resolution- Several mini TV exist, and they provide the best Resolution. But not everyone gives you the privilege to choose. Cyberflix allows viewers to choose between 720p or 1080p to get the best picture quality on any portable device. You can also SD or HD quality shows for the best experience.
  • Download Quality videos- As we said, not everyone has the privilege to choose. You can download any show from the app directly on your device. And do not worry about the quality. They are as excellent as the original.
  • Live Streaming Option- The app lets you download your favorite show and provides live streaming. That means you can experience the classic TV quality on your Mobile. The app provides a schedule option where you can find out about all upcoming live series or movies. That means you can watch them in the first place.
  • Multiple device Options- The app is best for Mobile or tabs. But many of us like to watch movies on our 3D TV. Well, in that case, you can easily connect your TV to your Mobile and watch free shows on your smart TV.
  • Ads Free Show- whether it is a TV channel or an App, we all get offended about one thing that is an advertisement. Imagine your favorite movie has reached its climax, and an annoying ad pops out. When it comes to Cyberflix, you will never get bored or annoyed because it is ads-free.
  • Subtitle Option- I believe we all love to watch movies or series from different countries. But it becomes tedious if we do not understand what they are saying. Cyberflix provides subtitles for different languages so that you can enjoy shows and series from different countries and languages.
  • Request Option- Suppose you want to watch an old movie but cannot find it anywhere on the internet. Trust me, the Cybeflix update version can let you watch it. All you have is a request to the Cyberflix team, who will update their library as soon as possible.
  • Save you from Annoying Advertisement:-We often encounter various advertisements when we watch our favorite series or movies on the Mobile app. No need to say that they are very Annoying. But what if we get an app with zero advertisements. Sounds impossible, right? Well, it is certainly not. This revolutionary TV app is one of the most accessible mediums to watch New and old shows or movies without disturbance.
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Advantages and Disadvantages of cyberflix online-

The features mentioned above are advantages of Cyberflix. We believe you will not find any other app that is so convenient for the user. But there are a few disadvantages that the app provides.

  1. Open sources can be harmful:-Because the app brings different sources, it can be harmful to use any random link without knowing more about it. Various bugs and viruses can be hidden on those links. And when we opened them, they could have entered into our device.
  2. Unsecured VPN:-If you are not using VPN security, you may have unintentionally exposed your identity to hackers and other people on the internet.
  3. You can get under Copyright Law:- if you are looking for a series or movie that has copyright, you can get into trouble. Though this situation will not harm you legally, regular ignorance can affect your account.

Apart from these three disadvantages, there is no other problem that you may encounter during the use of the Cyberflix app   

Where can you find Cyberflix online app?

If you want to download the Cyberflix app on your Device, visit their official website. Because it is not available on Google, you cannot find it anywhere else. Besides, if you are an android user, you can easily find the APK version on their website. On the other hand, various websites provide infected apps that may affect your Device easily. That is why we recommend you to go for the original app.

Cyberflix is Convenient for Various Devices-

If you are an Android user, you will find it very easy to download and install the Cyberflix app. People often say Cyberflix is only suitable for Android, but it is not valid. You can install it on your Chrome books, Android boxes, Android TV devices, Amazon Fire devices, Google Chromecast, Roku, Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Mac. We will guide you to install the Cyberflix app on your Device.

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Cyberflix TV Installation Guides-

Although the Cyberflix app installation guide for the devices mentioned earlier is quite similar. But still, we want to provide the best guidance so that you do not encounter any issues while watching your favorite shows.

Cyberflix for Android Device and Android TV-

As we said, you cannot find the Cyberflix app on the google play store. That is why you need to go to the official website. But the procedure for both TV and Device is almost identical.

Requirements for Cyberflix-

  • Android 4.0 or any upgrade version
  • 2 GB Ram
  • 100 MB free space
  • Internet connection

Required procedure-

Before you visit the website and download the app, we recommend changing your device setting. An android device does not allow you to download or install an APK file. To get it on your device, you need to follow these steps.

  • Go to settings
  • Go to security options
  • Enable the unknown sources option.

This step will let you visit the official website and download the app on your device. Now

  • cyberflix tv official website-
  • Download cyberflix APK file
  • Install the APK file
  • Run the app
  • After installation, you will see the downloads folder again. We recommend you delete the app from the Device to get more free space. It will not affect your app as the file is already installed.

Run the app-

Though giving a guide for using an app is unnecessary, we want to provide the best guidance for you.

  • Open the Cyberflix app
  • Go through the disclaimer and hit on ok
  • Allow Cyberflix to access photos, media, and files on your device.
  • Select your favourite shows and enable the subtitle option if you want.
  • Watch your favorite show.

How to install Cyberflix on Google Chromebook?

Well, technically, Cyberflix does not support Google Chromebook without the help of a third party. But to do that, first, you need to enable developer mode on Chromebook.

How to Enable Developer Mode?

To enable developer mode on your Google Chromebook, you must reboot your device first. First, boot your Chromebook in recovery mode. To open the recovery mood, you must press the Esc and Refresh buttons together, followed by the power button. Press Ctrl+D and then Enter to turn off the OS verification process. Then you can wait to start rebooting automatically or press Ctrl+D. After the “Preparing system for Developer Mode” process, select the preferred language and connect to the network. Then choose “Enable Debugging Feature” and click on “Proceed.” Then you can choose your password or skip the process.

Now it is time to install the Cybeflix app on the Device-

  • Download a File Manager Android app from the Google play store.
  • Then Go to Chrome OS setting
  • Go to the Android App section and enable Android App to run on your Chromebook.
  • Go to the Security option and enable “Unknown Sources.”
  • Download the Cyberflix APK file and run the app.
  • Now you can delete the file and enjoy your Cyberflix videos on Android mobile.

Cyberflix is safe for both Google Chromebook and Android Device

Though various websites provide you with a direct link to download the app, it is not safe. Many of those links are damaged or infected. It is best to download the latest or oldest versions from the official website.

Questions That Frequently Asked by Consumers-

Why is Cyberflix not available on the Google Play store?

Well, the problem is their ethics do not match. Cyberflix is a streaming app that provides hundreds of accessible sources where you can visit and watch your favorite shows. Sometimes this activity gets under a copyright disclaimer. In contrast, Google does not support it. But this is just a conflict between two different companies. As Cyberflix only provide the sources, so you will not fall under any law to watch movies or series.

Is Cyberflix TV free?

Yes, It’s Totally Free. Cyberflix does not charge any monthly subscription price or one-time fees. You can visit and watch videos from the Cyberflix app. Though various applications offer similar shows, Cyberflix is the most trustworthy among them.

Cyberflix is not working? Here’s the fix!

It often happened that the Cyberflix app stopped working. There are various reasons behind this. First, the server can be overloaded, or the network is slow. In that case, you can restart your device to get instant results. Again, Cyberflix needs 100 MB of free space to run correctly. If your device memory is overloaded, you must arrange space to run the app properly. Again if the version gets an update, but your android device is not appropriate for the updated app, then it will not run. In that case, you can follow the process again to download the older version and reinstall it.

Does Cyberflix work on Apple Devices?

Well, unfortunately, Cybeflix, which suites Apple OS, is unavailable. That is because Apple does not allow any third-party application like Cyberflix. But if you find any link claiming to work on an Apple device, we recommend you not to use that. Those unknown sources may harm your Device.

is cyberflix tv safe?

As we said earlier, Cyberflix gets under copyright issue, but this issue cannot harm any viewers. But it depends on consumers’ s choices. Because the app does not offer any content and only provides sources, you do not need to worry about it. But for additional security, you should use a secure VPN. It will help you to hide from different people.


There is no doubt that cyberflix is one of the most popular streaming apps. It is safe and secure, and user-friendly. You can choose from thousands of contents. If you are not an Apple user, you can easily install and use this app without following any complex process. Moreover, it is free. But every blessing comes with a curse. Because you are using the app that provides you with open sources can make your device available to harmful bugs and hackers. So while using the app, use a secure VPN for your devices. Or you can use apps or software that offer VPN security. But overall, unless you visit any harmful website, the entire process will not harm you.

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