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Cartoon HD
App Name Cartoon HD APK
Publisher Cartoon HD
Size 3 MB
Latest Version 3.0.3
Category Entertainment
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Compatible With5.0+
UpdateApril 16, 2022 (2 years ago)

Cartoons probably hold the biggest chunk in your childhood memory. Cartoons are an unavoidable part of childhood. It nourished and made you happy for years. Tom and Jerry to Mr Bean to Pokémon, all these became inevitable. From awesome animations to remarkable stories, cartoons have always managed to engage not only kids but also people of all ages. No matter how grown-up you are, you will love watching cartoons. It brings out the inner child in you. Every cartoon is unique and has the ability to make you laugh and love. Cartoons are a wonderful way of making the kids learn about the real world. In past, cartoons were restricted to only TV. Fixed time and fixed duration. But with the changing era and advanced technology, you can watch your cartoons anytime and anywhere. All you need is a proper internet connection and a device.

Cartoon HD is one such site that has solved the never-ending craving for cartoons. This site has the biggest cartoon collection on the net. Starting from Detective Conan to Tom and Jerry, you will find all your loved cartoons on this site. Not only that, CartoonHD provided TV shows and movies also. It has a vast collection of TV shows under different heads. It is systematically arranged as per their genre. There are more than 20 heads under which the TV shows and movies are listed. They also have documentaries and talk shows. The biggest and the best advantage of this site is that all the contents are absolutely free. You do not need to pay any kind of money for availing of these facilities.

Cartoon HD has gained popularity in a very brief time. So, it is made available for almost every platform you can view the contents. It has thought about the ease of the users and is designed as per the requirements of users. This is the reason why it has managed to gather the most number of followers in a fleeting time.

Cartoon HD

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  1. Even though CartoonHD is doing an amazing job in delivering quality content, this app is not officially present in the Google Playstore. But the developers made an app for the ease of the users.
  2. The reason why it is not listed on Google Playstore is that Google Playstore has zillions of rules. In case, you fail to follow even one of the rules, your app will be removed from the Playstore.
  3. Not having an app in the Google Playstore doesn’t make the app less official. So, Google has proposed another way to own these apps. It is through app download. Apk download is a trendy way of acquiring the apps that are banned from Google Playstore.
  4. It is an official and safe way of getting the app on your phone. It is an approved and trusted method.
  5. The mentioned app can be easily found on Google. The developers made sure that the apk file is easily available to the users for download.
  6. But it is very important that you download the proper apk. There are many apps on the net which may be harmful to your computer. It might bring viruses with it. So, it is important to carefully download the file.
  7. Always remember to download the latest version of apk. The latest version will contain the updates and the changes in the app. In case you download the older version of the app, it will get you the app without updates. Also, the app will ask for updates after installation leading to unnecessary downloads and wastage of time and GB.


  1. Apk download is the genius way of getting the apps that are banned from Google Playstore. The rules for the apps in Google Playstore is very strict. If anyone is violated, the app gets banned.
  2. The Cartoon HD app will allow you to view the various content of the app on your phone, since no official app is launched, you can use this apk. The app will ease your viewing experience. You get all the TV shows, movies and cartoons on your tips.
  3. This apk will help you to be updated all the time with the new releases and updates.
  4. Sometimes people say that apk download is not safe. This is an authorized download by Google. What is not safe is the apk link. There are many apk files on the net. Some are safe and some are not safe.
  5. We are required to find the legit link to download the apk file that does not contain any virus. Sometimes few links contain viruses, which can harm your device.
  6. The apk links always keep on updating so that you get the latest version of the app only. These links always let you install the updated version. They save time and the internet cost for updating the app.


  1. Cartoon HD is not a part of the Google Play Store. But do not fret! As mentioned earlier, there is another way to get this app. But it will be via an external source. The app download is used for the apps which are not available in the Play Store but one needs on their phones. This apk will be downloaded directly from the browser when you search them on Google or any other search engine.
  2. To start downloading apk, you are required to make sure that your phone allows downloading from external sources. Since apk is downloaded from a browser, it is termed an external source. Go to “Settings”. Then click on “Security” and click on “Unknown Sources”. This will enable downloading from external sources. This step is mandatory or else the installation will not take place and you cannot get this app.
  3. Open the browser you use and search for apk for the CartoonHD app in any of your search engines. There will be many versions of apk so, choose the apk carefully. Downloading the latest version of the app will ask for updates and ultimately convert it into the latest version. So, to save time and data, download the latest version. The file is usually of very small size. It might take a minute or two to download. But the downloading speed is totally dependent on your internet connectivity. The faster your net, the quicker it gets downloaded.
  4. After the apk is downloaded, the page gets opened and asks whether to install the app or cancel it. After the apk is downloaded, click on “Install”. It will initiate the installation of the Cartoon HD app.
  5. After few minutes, once the app is downloaded a shortcut will be created on your home screen and you will find that Cartoon HD is available to use on your phone. Click on the installed app and enjoy the wonder of watching videos, movies and sitcoms.
  6. Sometimes due to some fault, there can be a message popping up saying, “Unfortunately, Show Box has stopped”. Do not worry there is a solution to this problem as well. Just go to “Settings” and click on “General”. Go to “Apps”. Click on to “Cartoon HD”. After that “Force Stop” that app and clear all the data and cache.
  7. After you are done with the above step, reinstall Cartoon HD It will be good to go now.


For iOS getting this app is a little difficult. Since iOS has the highest security it is difficult to use apk download. Or you use Jailbreak. But this method is not suggested as you lose the warranty of your phone then. Do not worry there is another method as well without going to Jailbreak.

  1. The installation process for this particular app is slightly different from the regular apps that you download in your iOS platform. Please bear with the installation process because the end result is worth it!
  2. The foremost step that you need to remember before you proceed to download the Cartoon HD app in your iOS is that you need to log out from your iTunes and Apple store account. This is a mandatory step. Without logging out, you cannot proceed further.
  3. After you are done with the logging out part, you Go to Settings >> General >> Date & Time >> Turn off ‘Set Automatically‘and change the date from today.
  4. After that, launch your web browser on your Apple Device and then visit the link
  5. Now you are on the landing page of the emulator. This emulator is also called BlueStacks. It allows us to download the apps that are not available for iOS.
  6. Then go to the download tab in the emulator. Click on it. You will be redirected to another page where there are many apps listed. In the search tab type CartoonHD. You will get a tab called “Install”.
  7. You will be then redirected to the installation page. You will get a pop-up, tap on Install Now
  8. After the installation is complete, navigate to the home screen where you will see the installation process of the Cartoon HD App.

Cartoon HD has emerged as one of the most loved app because of its diversity. There are many apps in the market which has TV shows and movies but Cartoon HD made sure that this app is not only for adults but also for kids. The addition of cartoons definitely gives brownie points to this app. The fact that it is free of cost also wins everybody’s heart. Now, you do not need to worry. Plugin your device and binge-watch your series and movies uninterrupted. Cartoon HD can be your perfect companion for your lazy Sunday. So, do not waste time and download this app to enjoy its bliss.