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App NameBox Skin Injector
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Compatible With5.0
UpdateApril 13, 2022 (2 years ago)

Box Skin Injector is a new app that lets you customize all of the 100 different characters in Mobile Legends by changing their 400+ costumes. A lot more than just weapons and items, Box Skin injector also has effects for your skin as well this program will give gamers access to everything they need with no strings attached whatsoever–whether those be skins or drones players want now or maps later down the line when times get tough again because rest assured there’s always something worth saving up points on during each battle royale match here

Box Skin Injector APK

Some Great features of box skin injector

Various skins

The Box Skin injector offers a vast range of skins for Mobile Legends. The user can choose from characters like the Assassin, Fighter, Mage and Marksman to name just four different categories in which they are broken down into; there is also an entire section dedicated towards Tanker Class heroes that you might want to use when playing solo or with other players online! If that’s not enough variety then worry about iMoba Tool where it provides even more options than what has already been mentioned here so scroll through until find your perfect fit.

Multiple effects

The application is like a cheat code for your gameNot only does it provide cheats to get items, but also has codes that will change various aspects of gameplay. The process isn’t too difficult either; you just need to select the type of effect followed by whatever function or effect that suits your fancy at the moment – whether it’s giving yourself unlimited lives or increasing how much money drops on stage 1-1/3 times more efficiently than before.


Box skin injector is capable of working regardless of the OS requirements. It does not force a specific user or device on them, which makes it easier for everyone to use this program without worrying about their system’s capabilities. Box skin Injector can be used by any person with an Android phone as long as there isn’t anything blocking its access from running properly such has being rooted!

Free ML skins

As time has modernized, gamers are less interested in buying skins for their heroes and more into getting everything free. A rich man’s wealth is his many children; a poor mans’ riches consists of whatever he can find- The common saying goes “a penny saved is worth two pennies earned”. For people living off one income or another without much room to spare on anything extra this statement rings true as they rarely have enough money set aside just waiting around willy nilly at any given moment let alone month after month unless you happen come across something lucrative such as gambling which gives out big

Free of cost

The app purchase is free of cost for any user around the globe. Users don’t need to pay a dime, as it will automatically be downloaded on their device without them ever having an internet connection! It’s also available with all Android OS versions at no additional charge including Marshmallow or Nougat if you have one of those newer phones released within the last two years.

Drone view

Box skin injector is a smart tool that has the ability to provide users with new modern features, namely drone views. The 2x and 3x modes allow gamers an aerial view of their surroundings while 8X shows all enemies on screen at once for 10 seconds before timing runs out so it’s important not just about seeing where shots go but also predicting enemy movements as well.

Removed password

The latest update from developers has completely removed passwords from the Box skin injector, making it easier for users to access their accounts. In an effort to improve security and make life a little more convenient, you no longer have log-in credentials or any other type of password needed in order to maintain an account on this platform. A lot can change within 24 hours but we think these developments are great news nonetheless because they mean less time spent trying to figure out what numbers were too long ago.

Combat effects

Box skin injector has a wide variety of combat effects that enhances the user experience. The immersive gameplay is enhanced with Box skin injector because it can run on lower-end devices like phones, improving performance in these areas for any player who wants to give it their all without worrying about crushing their phone’s processor or GPU.

Classified tools

A skin pack is a type of downloadable content that contains various character models and weapons for use in the game. These packs can be purchased with real money outside of normal gameplay, but they’re typically far more expensive than anything available within it if you don’t pay up front or wait until someone releases their own personal store where people may offer trial periods before charging an ongoing fee upon purchase.

Auto updates

Box skin injector’s lack of Google Play Store links make it impossible to automatically update. The only way for users to get updates is by checking the notifications panel on their phone and waiting until they’re actually notified about an updated version being released by google. That said, this frequently leads many people just giving up trying after a while which leaves them with old versions that could potentially be more vulnerable than ever before.


Box Skin injector is the new and improved way for customers to get skins, heroes & backgrounds. With Box Skins you can have your desired character in no time. The secure application will not look into our users’ memories which ensures that they remain safe while browsing through different content on this site. It’s the most effective way to save your money. If you have an Android OS device, consider showing off in order for other gamers to know how good a player can play on their system.

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