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Bomber Friends MOD APK
App NameBomber Friends
Publisher Hyperkani
Size 108 MB
Latest Versionv4.46
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Compatible With6.0
UpdateApril 16, 2022 (2 years ago)

Nowadays technology has become so advanced that we have Android smartphones in our hands and basically our android smartphone can perform all the tasks from making phone calls to playing Games. No doubt smartphones made our life so easy and sorted. 

Smartphone offers us varieties of option which we can use but the most useful and or if I called the heart of the android smartphone is the play store which comes in almost every other Android smartphone available in the market. The Android Play Store is basically the store of tons of applications varying from education to gaming, there is almost every kind of application available in the playstore for android smartphones.

We can download amazing Games too from playstore and my favorite game from the android playstore is the Bomber Friends. It is an amazing single-player as well as a multiplayer game. This game is very popular that’s why it has over 10M+ installations. You can play the Bomber Friends game with your friends and you’ll enjoy it very much. This game comes already with good features.

But yes, we all like to enjoy the more additional features and for this MOD are made, mods are the application that modifies your games and will give you more features to play with. So, today in this article we are going to share with you the Bomber Friends MOD APK or you can Bomber Friends with unlimited money or gold bars. You can easily Bomber friends unlock everything. This website will help you to Download Bomber Friends MOD and also teach you How to use it properly without getting banned.

There are so many advantages of using MOD on bomber friends, after applying the mod apk on your Bomber friends game you will see a lot of good features which is not available in the normal version of the game.

In this article, we have the latest Bomber Friends MOD APK version 3.42. In this article, we gonna discuss everything about Bomber Friends MOD. This article deal with Bomber Friends no root.

Yes, you read it write Bomber Friends MOD doesn’t require any root access on your smartphone. You can still get bomber friends unlimited gold bars without rooting your device. So, I think now it is enough basic information for you regarding mods, Now, let’s directly jump to some features of Bomber Friends MOD APK.

Bomber Friends MOD APK

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Features of Bomber Friends MOD APK

There are so many features of Bomber Friends MOD but we have listed below some of the most eye-catching features.

Here is an attractive infographic, which shows the feature of Bomber Friends MOD APK in an interesting way. I hope you will find this one interesting and attractive.

Bomber Friends MOD APK
  • The best or amazing feature of this MOD APK is that it has unlimited health. With help of unlimited health, you will not die even after blasted by the bomb or eaten by those enemies you will stay alive and can create an insanely high score which you can show off among your friends.
  • You will get bomber friends unlimited gold bars, Unlimited gold bars can be used to purchase custom skin for your player and can upgrade your player to complete monster.
  • You can make your gameplay hell lot of better than the normal one. Your gameplay will become as smooth as butter.
  • We all know that Bomber Friends multiplayer requires a working internet connection but in case you are with your friends in some area where the internet connectivity is not available at that time but you still want to play then with the help of this mod you can create a hotspot and can play it with your friends without worrying about the internet connection.
  • This Bomber Friends MOD will enhance your gaming performance a lot. I’ll highly recommend you give this mod a try. You can Download Bomber Friends MOD APK by click on the below button.

How to Install Bomber Friends MOD (No Root)

So, once you download the mod now the next thought that will hit your mid will Now What? How I am gonna put this MOD to work? How I will install this? Well, you can easily Install this mod by following the below steps without any problem.

  • First of all, you have to download the Bomber Friend MOD from the download link, you can click on the above button which will take you to the download page and from there you can download the MOD.
Bomber Friends MOD APK
  • Once you successfully downloaded the MOD, now all you have to do is open your favorite file manager on your android device and move to the download folder. See the below screenshot
Bomber Friends MOD APK
  • Now once you click on the MOD apk your android device will say it don’t have permission to install this MOD so what you have to do is go to your Mobile’s settings>Security>Unknown Resources and grant the MOD permission. Just like in the below screenshot.
turn on unknown soucre
  • Now go back to the file manager search for the MOD tap on it and start the installation and wait until the installation gets done.
  • Once the installation is completed go back and open the main Bomber Friends game.
  • Done! It is now successfully modded.

If you still have some doubts or you still can’t understand any steps then you can watch the below video on youtube to clear your concept.

So, the above tutorial was to install the Bomber Friends on any smartphone. But if you are willing to install the Bomber Friends on your laptop or PC so, you can experience the feel of the android games on the big screen. Then we created a different tutorial for it.

You can click on Play Bomber Friends on PC and you will be landed at the post where we have created the full in-depth tutorial for you guys.

Q1) How to Download and Install Bomber Friends MOD?

You can download the Bomber Friend MOD by clicking on the download link and you can install it by going above this page and following the steps written there.

Q2) Is Bomber Friends Game Support Multiplayer?

Yes, Bomber Friends Game is a multiplayer as well as a single-player game. You can play this game with your friends easily without any issue. You can even play this game multiplayer with your friend just by hotspot but for that you have to first install the MOD because it is not available on the normal version.

Q3) Will this MOD help us to get Unlimited Gold Bars and Health?

Yes Definitely, this MOD has so many amazing features and you can easily get Unlimited gold bars and health and much more.

Q4) Can we log in to this game through our social media account?

Yes, You can easily log in through your social media account like Facebook, Google gameplay. But the chances of an account ban get increased if you log in via social media account. So, you have to be a little careful.

Q5) Is Bomber Friend is risky to use?

Well, it is not that risky to use as far as we know the latest version of Bomber Friends MOD APK is quite safe. Only In very rare account gets banned because of using MOD but the probability of an account ban is as low as 1%.

Q6) What is the Size of Bomber Friend MOD APK?

The size of the Bomber Friend MOD is not very large. It is very small. It is only 61.3 MB in Size.

Q7) Is Bomber Friends is paid Game?

NO, Absolutely No, this is game is free to download and play. Earlier it was having ads in between the game but now that ad is also removed so yes this game is 100% free.


So, This was our full article on Bomber Friend. I Hoped we covered all the related topics and I hope you liked this content. Bomber Friends MOD APK is a very good app to use, I don’t say to use it for the long run but you can use it for a short period of time. It will be very fun to use this apk. This APK will help you to get all unlimited gold bars, cash, health, etc. You can follow the installation guide written above, also you can watch the attached video. If you still have some doubts in your mind then you can leave them in the comment section. You can also turn on the push notification to get notified when new update is released.