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App Name AnYme X
Publisher ZUNJAE
Size 7 MB
Latest Version 11.998
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Compatible With5.0
UpdateAugust 7, 2022 (1 year ago)

AnyMe X is an anime streaming application made for the Android platform. AnyMe X provides users with quick access to multiple anime streaming sites all in one place, rather than having to search through different websites. It also provides users with notifications when new episodes are available or when a show has been updated.  Stream your favorite anime or manga shows on your android device without stressing over any expiry date for a subscription.


Some Great features of Anyme x

AD free

AnyMe X is ad-free and does not pose any security risks that are associated with other “popup blocker” type apps. This means it can be downloaded by anyone, regardless of age or whether they have another incognito browser installed on their device.

Get Notification when your new episodes are uploaded

The app also has notifications set up so once new episodes come out of your favorite anime you will know right away! Overall, I like how Anyme X gives more options based on what kind of user you are and it doesn’t have what you’re looking for, it has the next best thing! The app is designed well and runs smoothly. You can get Anyme X on Android or iOS devices.

Get Notification when your new episodes are uploaded

Nice colorful dashboard

The app looks sleek with its cute colors and user interface. In the options menu, you will see a huge catalog of anime series to choose from or use their search function. The heart or unheard icon lets you know whether or not you have seen an episode already by giving it either a red or green dot next to each title. If you press on a particular series it will give you information about that specific show such as the synopsis, voice over cast members and sound track for each episode. You can browse through all of their shows on the home screen.

AnYme X APK Nice colorful dashboard


Bookmarking is one way people can save time when browsing through their favorite shows by creating shortcuts on different devices like laptops or tablets instead of looking up each individual title online every single day before work/school starts again . You may think book markup sounds inconvenient at first due

Reverse image search is an awesome feature that you won’t find in many other apps. The Reverse Image Search option lets users figure out where a screenshot was taken by searching for it with the button on top, just like how we read our words! For example if there’s only one picture or screenshot from an anime series but I don’t know what movie it came from- reverse image search will help me track down any possible answers.


Global chat server

AnYme X is a global network for anime and gaming enthusiasts. The chat server allows users to join via Discord, talk about their favorite shows or games with other fans in the room while sharing some of the best memes around! It’s an exciting place where millions meet every day- all united by our love for this amazing culture called “Anime.”

No login required

Anyme x apk is a site that can be used to watch shows and stream content online. The app doesn’t require users to register before streaming their media files, but there are some special features available only upon registration such as organizing favourites lists of anime for easy access or commenting on pages within the website interface with friends through social networks like Facebook Messenger etcetera. To complete this process just click here then follow instructions displayed when signed into your account thereafter!

Access to multiple anime channels

Multiple channels from all over the world are present in it. You don’t need to download the videos. Just click and start watching them. It is an ad-free app which will save your time while viewing any video adverts constantly popping up when streaming movies or TV shows.

Get access to latest episodes

FireAnime is the perfect app for anime fans. With a new episode being released every week, it’s easy to stay up-to-date with all your favorite shows! Not only does Fire Anime let you know when an entire season has been completed so that you can watch them in order without having missed anything important but also notifies its users whenever there are major updates related specifically around any given one of their monitored series – this way they never miss out on the latest series and keep themselves edge wise about what’s happening within each show’s world .

High quality streaming

Anime lovers who are not blessed with the best internet connection or have limitations on their device can find solace in this app. It allows for streaming of HD quality anime along with FHD if you’re lucky enough to have fast WiFi at home! This means no more waiting hours before being able watch an episode, even when downloading episodes is not allowed due restrictions put into place by providers.

Create your watchlist

You can create a watch list for future use so that you don’t have to search for your favorite clips again and again when needed most. This is 100% safe and secure with its encrypted SSL security system plus no registration required to use this player.

Multiple languages

Multiple languages are available in this app. You can choose accordingly and learn any language you want to. This is the best video streaming player till now for PC, Android phone or tablet etc.

Schedule your calendar

Anyme x is an android app which enables you to watch your favorite TV shows on the go or even schedule them at your own convenience. This app will serve as a companion for your existing cable TV service provider and emit order in which channel shows are currently playing.


This is tested on all devices including smartphones, laptops, desktops etc by us personally. 100% authentic working version of anyme x apk file given here which will work for sure without any issues at all. Enjoy watching media files with your friends and family members anytime anywhere with a single click to download it within seconds from multimedia sharing websites like Youtube etc without spending too much time searching videos online or downloading them separately because it’s better to have an one-place solution rather than using many players together so don’t wait just go to websites given below and download apk file instantly to access your favorite videos from anyplace anywhere anytime.

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